What is Desktop Window and it’s Components


Difference between desktop and window, a desktop window, which also can be called a computer desktop window, is the first window display that will be shown to every computer user or users after the booting process is done.

The word “desktop” and “window” are different things entirely. We’re going to explain to you why they seem to be different. After reading this article carefully, you’ll be knowledgeable about the word “desktop” and “window”.



What is a Desktop?

A “desktop” is a graphic user interface (GUI) that gives access to computer user or users to interact with the computer operating system. The word desktop can also be used to describe the word desktop computer or a system unit. It can also be seen as an arrangement of icons on the desktop window screen.


The desktop area is the main working view to most of your computer operations.



What is a Window?

Window is the working area or areas on your computer display screen. Window displays usually come in a rectangular shape.  As a computer user, you can work with more than one window at a time, but the present one which you’re working on will be the active window while the other will be the inactive window.

Now that you’ve known the differences between a desktop and a window. Let’s outline the components of a desktop window or computer desktop window and their definitions.


What is Component of a Desktop Window?

Components of desktop are those elements / features that made up or build up the desktop window environment such as: taskbar, background, system tray, start button and icons. Also note that without the appearance of these features, the desktop window will look scanty and empty.


What is Taskbar?

A taskbar is a horizontal line that appears at the bottom part of a computer window, which displays active program icon, inactive program icon and a favorite program icon that was pinned by a computer user on the taskbar.


What is Desktop Background or Wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper is a graphic / digital pictures used for beautifying the graphical user interface of a computer system screen.


What is a System Tray?

System tray (notification tray on the desktop window) is a tray that notifies you about any internal connections on the computer system. The system tray is located at the right hand end of your taskbar. Also, it displays about your calendar and time.


What is Start Button?

The start button is the starting point area for every computer user, and provides quick and easy ways to locate 100% of your computer programs and commands. It is found at the bottom left edge of every computer window and usually carries a window symbol.


What is Desktop Icons?

Icons are small pictures that represent different programs for graphic user interface (GUI) found on the desktop window, and they act as button. Examples of icons that can be seen on a desktop are: recycle bin or trash can icon, my computer icon, picture icon (e.g. JPEG image), Browser icon (e.g. chrome), Ms Word icon, Ms Excel icon, etc.

Desktop icons are of two (2) types namely:

Folder Icon

This icon can only be identified by its yellow color and at the same time, it can also be created in every environment in your computer system by computer user. The folder icon is a container, which is also used for storing of files.


Program Icon:

These are programs that were installed into the computer system such as: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and CorelDraw etc. the program icons cannot be created. It only appears on the computer desktop when installed into the computer.

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