Shades of Romance

I struggled with the girl before me, weakening her with my strong hold.

She kept quiet and lifted up her face to me.

“Emmy i beg of you, let me be. Just leave me alone. Things shouldn’t happen between us”
she pleaded passionately.

I stared into her eyes, breathing deeply.
Yea she was right.

I very much knew i was doing a terrible thing, but just couldn’t resist her charms because she was simply magnificient.

I was so bewitched by her beauty and she equally was everything i expected in a woman. She was so comely, homely, beautiful and sexy. But unfortunately she was my bestfriend’s girl which really got me in a very bad position.

I was simply torn between doing the right thing and letting her go or doing the wrong thing and satisfying my needs.

But no i couldn’t just let her go.
She was worth more than anything to me.

I swallowed hard, brought down my head and kissed her softly. She struggled once again, drew away from me and landed a very terrible slap on my face.

“Jeez think Emmy. Just look at what you are doing. Take a look at your life”
she screamed.


Hmmmmm, My name is Emeka, fondly called Emmy by friends and I used to be a guy who was good in getting his way in everything. Though i’m nothing but an ordinary graduate who was lucky to inherit a little fortune from his late parents.

I owned two mega fuel stations in Benin city which really made me very comfortable.

As for the girl who just slapped me, she teached in one of the secondary schools within the city and i got to know her from my b—m friend Tony who introduced her to me a couple of months back and from that moment i began disturbing the girl with all i got.

She kept refusing my advances but it never stopped me from knowing that she cared for me because if she didn’t she would have reported me to my friend from the very first moment i began showing interest in her.

So sit back and relax as i take you guys to a world of S-x, Romance, Adventure, Fun and Revenge…..

“Everything about you excites me my love. I want you. I can’t refrain myself any longer” i breathed.

“no this shouldn’t be. Just go home and take a good bath. Please leave, you are just horn.y, nothing else. So get out right now”
she commanded.

“no baby, i can’t. Tell me you feel nothing for me?”
i asked. She stared at me for some seconds, turned and backed me, folding her hands.

I slowly grabbed her from behind. My lips went straight to her neck, kissing it softly, the sweet scent from her hair filling my nostrils.

“you are so beautiful. I’ll even betray my mother for you”
i murmured, running my hands through her laps up to her stomach, gently gunning for the brea.sts. She struggled weakly and m0aned.

“please stop. I beg of you, stop this madness right now” she begged, but her words only encouraged me. In no time i was holding her b0s0ms, fondling and caressing them to satisfaction.

My body was on fire, ready for a super nasty quickie
I dragged her to a couch, gently lowered her on it with my body on her. She was still resisting weakly, but her body language told me she was enjoying it.

Slowly I expertly pulled off her blouse, which gave me full view and access to her beautiful b0s0ms and neck. I m0aned with pleasure, burying my head in between the great apples of Eden.

I ate them with great pleasure, while she sang, m0aned and wriggled.

I was extremely excited, hot and ready to pull off my clothes for the great price.

“at last”
i breathed, slowly reaching underneath her short skirt. My left hand slowly went in, feeling her warm wet pant.

“yeah baby” i m0aned, but unfortunately someone knocked at the door that very moment, forcing her to push me away with great strength.

“my God. He is here. Dress up and leave through the kitchen. Be fast, oh God” she begged nervously, pushing me towards the kitchen.

I controlled my emotions, headed to the kitchen and speedily dressed up.

“are you alright?”
I heard Tony ask seconds later, as he walked into the sitting room.

I bit my lips, cursed and walked to the kitchen exit door, trying to open it, but to my surprise, the door was locked with a key and the key was nowhere in sight…

Not knowing what to do, I gently sat on a small kitchen stool and eavesdropped on the conversation going on in the sitting room.

“Jenifer you don’t look too well to me, what’s wrong with you my love?”
Tony asked again,

“i’m alright, it’s just a little headache”
she replied calmly.

“No i think there’s more to it than just headache. You have been behaving funny lately, we hadly spent quality time together. C’mon my love you are changing” he poured out with despair.

I listened with all my soul, my heart throbbing furiously.

The conversation going on between my friend and Jenifer really was of great interest to me. How to carry on with my plans solely depended on all the secrets i could gather between the two love birds. I had every reason to listen to their conversation.

“please my love, stop being paranoid. I haven’t changed in any way”
I heard Jenifer reply, while something like a kissing sound instantly filled my ears, making me bite my lips with fury.

“oh stop please. I told you i have a headache and all you can do is kiss me. Just leave i want to rest. Please” she hissed, relieving my fury a great deal. I smiled.

“alright, i’m sorry. I guess i have to leave in order for peace to reign. I’m going over to Emeka’s place. I will call you later” Tony said quietly,

“okay my love. I’ll be expecting your call”
she answered.

Seconds later i heard noises from the entrance door which clearly confirmed that my friend Tony was leaving. I breathed deeply, smiled to myself and stood up.

My phone instantly rang, frightening me with its noise.

I pulled it from my trouser pocket to see that it was Tony calling me. I hissed, ignored the call and looked up to see Jenifer staring at me with shock.

“what on earth are you still doing here?. You must be definetly crazy”
she screamed,
“oh yes, loving you made me crazy. Sweetheart”
i answered, drew close and kissed her roughly. She instantly pushed me away, leaving another slap on my face.

“why are you so keen on bringing your dignity this low. My God. Gosh” she breathed with resignation.

“you already know the answer dearie. I’m very much in love with you and i won’t rest until i make you my wife. All of me loves all of you” i answered with all my heart.
“oh please” she murmured.

“i’m very serious baby. The last thing i will do is taking advantage of you. My love is for real” i pleaded,

“the last thing on your mind is taking advantage of me huh?. So what should i call the kisses and caresses you have been delivering to me?”
she asked coldly. I closed my eyes and smiled.

“let’s sit down and talk” i pleaded, grabbed her hand and led her back to the sitting room.

We slowly sat on the couch we tried making love on some minutes ago and stared at each other silently.

“oh your eyes. Your eyes are so wondrous”
i murmured while she blushed deeply.

I so madly wanted Jenifer. I so desperately wanted to have all of her. I knew it was going to be a long battle, but i was determined. Very determined.

“I seriously do love you. I don’t know what else to say in order to convince you” i said softly, searching Jenifer’s eyes.

“You don’t understand. All i’m saying is that what you are doing isn’t right. Moreover your friend Tony is very much in love with me and i love him too.

There’s no vacancy in my heart right now. Please just do the right thing, go and forget about me” she pleaded solemnly.

“no i can’t”
i answered strongly, frowning my face.

“very well then, Tony will get to hear of your disturbance. I can’t hide it from him anymore”
she threatened and stood up. I equally stood up and faced her.

“yea do the right thing and tell him. It makes no difference to me”
i breathed, kissed her left cheek and hurriedly left the apartment.

It wasn’t as if i was escaping or something. I only left in order to give her the breathing space she needed in thinking over my advances.

I knew she wasn’t going to tell Tony anything.

As i headed to my car which i intelligently parked some distance away from the compound, my phone rang again. It was still Tony calling me. I breathed deeply and answered.

“oga Tony”
i hailed,
“where are you?. You haven’t been answering your calls”
he asked.

“oh sorry. I left the phone in my car, so where are you”
i answered,
“i’m just leaving your house, thought you were there”
he said.

“fine let’s meet at Prestige hotel. Let’s chill out there for a while”
i suggested.

“no i rather go home and sleep. My day was stressful and hard. Jenifer also isn’t helping at all, she’s been acting so strange lately. I wanted to discuss many things with you but we can leave it for tomorrow”
he said and hung up. I shrugged, switched on my car engine and drove home.

Tony wasn’t a graduate like me. He equally was about two years older. However he made good money when he left the country in his early twenties. He came back few years later to establish in Benin city. He had a good number of buses plus properties scattered around town. We both came from the same village which helped in making our friendship very strong.

As i drove home, I thought about him, his girlfriend and my plans. I sure wanted the girl which truly was the highest act of betrayal any man can do to his friend. But i cared not, hissing as i noticed that my J0yst!ck was half erect.

I tried making it go down but it refused. The little love play i earlier had with Jenifer truly was something else. I was so close in getting the treasure.

I hissed again, grabbed my phone and called Selena. A call-girl{prostitute} i befriended during my final days in the university. We constantly did favours for each other and that helped in sealing our friendship.

“Eminem how far?”
she greeted as she answered my call.

“are you free??”
i asked,
“yes oo”
she answered,

“just come over with a friend. Please she should be as beautiful as you are”
i said playfully.

“we will be there by 9pm” she answered, laughed and hung up. I smiled to myself with satisfaction.

There is nothing like spending the night with two experienced bit.ches

Selena showed up at exactly 9pm with a very sexy light skinned girl. Everything about the two ladies were quite explosive. Their skimpy wears, behaviour, everything. I was extremely impressed by what i saw.

“you will be paying double for tonight’s show”
selena jokingly said as we shared a bottle of whisky in my bedroom.

“and you got to make me see what i’m paying for” i smiled, eyeing her companion.

“she’s called jackie, and she’s gonna tear you apart like a jaguar” she added, following my eyes.

“not only will i tear him apart. I’m gonna eat him raw” Jackie added in support of her friend, before busting into a sharp laugh which i knew was influenced by the hot drink the girls were gulping like water.

“it’s show time baby”
they suddenly screamed and pulled off their clothes amidst laughter.

i screamed with excitement, pulling off my clothes with the same spirit.
Seriously that kind of reckless behaviour was one of the main reasons i was unable to have a girlfriend nor settle down with any girl. I was way too rough and spoilt.

The only person i felt real passion for, was Jenifer and she equally was the only person capable of stopping my wayward life.

In a jiffy i was on my bed with two of the most beautiful call girls i have ever seen.

Selena handled my dic.k, suc.king, squeezing and pulling while i handled Jackie, rough-handling the beautiful bit.ch with my hands.

I fondled and caressed her to satisfaction, before burying my giant bazooka in her pit of pleasure.

Oh i felt good as i smashed her bo.oty with all i got. Sending her m0an!ng with pain or perhaps pleasure. I was so freaking rough on her, and i felt good doing it.

By the time it got to Selena’s turn i was already tired and spent. I simply managed a round with her before falling like a ripe mango on my bed.

“you girls are wonderful”
i murmured and fell asleep.


I spent the next day sleeping and thinking over my life. I surely needed a girl.

A companion, but i was yet to get anyone who suited my fancy apart from Jenifer.

“Jenifer, Jenifer”
i breathed her name with a sigh.

Later in the evening, i drove over to Tony’s house to discuss the issue he wanted to share with me the previous day, but i was shocked to see Jenifer with him.

I felt jealous but managed to fake a smile.
“hey bro, i’m so happy to see you. Do you know i forgot that Jenifer’s birthday is tomorrow. You got to help me do the planning please. Forget about the stuff i said yesterday”
Tony said excitedly as we shared a bottle of beer.

I looked at Jenifer, she quickly avoided my gaze and looked away.

“God save me from this temptation”
i prayed unseriously.


Days later

At exactly 5pm on wednesday evening, days after Jenifer’s birthday. I got a very urgent phone call from Tony.

“please can you come over to my house. I need your help”
he begged.

I left all i was doing and headed to his house, where i saw my friend very nervous as ever.
“oga Tony you frightened me with your call. What’s happening?”
i asked as we shook hands.

“A lot is happening my brother. Can you believe that as we speak this minute, Irene is in a bus heading towards here” he complained.

“Irene” i repeated the name, staring at him with a little confusion.
“don’t tell me you have forgotten Irene?. The nurse from our village i once told you i had a little affair with, when i returned to the country some years back. Remember i told you she wriggled her way into my family’s heart before i left her for Jenifer?. She swore never to let me be. Claiming that i’m her husband whether i liked it or not”
he explained desperately.

“it’s okay, yea i got it. I remember very well. So what’s the problem?” i asked,
“you know i can’t let the girl stay. What if Jenifer finds out?”
he lamented.

“you made the mistake by first allowing her to get on the bus. You could have told her you aren’t in town or travelling out. Well, since she’s already on her way and probably knows no one else in this city. I suggest you take her in for the night, first thing tomorrow you send her home. It’s already late for any other plan”
i suggested. He breathed deeply and looked at me.

“brother, I love Jenifer so much. I’m planning to marry her in a couple of months. I can risk anything spoiling my plans.” he prayed.

“well you have to risk this” i smiled and stood up. The door bell rang at that exact moment drawing our attention to the door.

“she’s here”
he added with a little frown.

“cheer up bro” i smiled, headed to the door and opened it for Irene who smiled at me, holding a small travelling bag.

I returned her smile and dutifully left the apartment afterwards, heading to Jenifer house with a dirty plan.

The opportunity i was waiting for was finally in my hands.

20 minutes later. Jenifer’s apartment
“I beg you in the name of God, what are you doing here by this time?” Jenifer asked with surprise when she answered her door to see me. I smiled, while she blocked the way, stopping me from gaining access into the apartment.

“I know you think Tony is the perfect guy. I equally know you are having strong doubts about your true feelings for him. The answers to everything is now available my dear. Just move over to his house and see for yourself. Don’t call or tell him that i spoke to you. It should be our little secret”
i winked and left, smiling with satisfaction.

My bag of explosives were well la!d and ready for action. All that was remaining was to visit the crime scene the next day and check the level of damage they created.

I was very restless that fateful night. I was just a step away from turning Jenifer away from Tony. I was so close, very close. How could i sleep.

Early the next morning. I headed over to her place to confirm if the tricks i pulled worked as planned. I went to Jenifer’s house not thinking of anything but my plans.

By 7:45am i got to her apartment and knocked anxiously on the door. I was totally anxious as ever.

The door soon opened to reveal Jenifer looking very terrible like someone down with a deadly flu. I smiled inside while displaying an innocent look with my face.

“you are now happy huh. It’s what you have been praying for. Yes i caught him with another lady. I did as you asked and caught Tony with a woman. I can’t believe he is cheating on me”
she cried, leaving me totally relieved with her outburst. There was nothing this time to stop her from accepting me.

“be clever, boy”
i quickly advised myself, rushing up to hug her with care.

“you shouldn’t be crying for anyone, more especially a big jerk like Tony. Calm down, I beg of you” i pleaded, holding her softly. She struggled and tried to break away from me but i held her strongly.

“my dear i know i shouldn’t be saying this but i think it’s good you found out Tony’s true behaviour on time. Seriously baby”
i murmured carefully.

There wasn’t any doubt my feelings for Jenifer turned me into a very terrible person. Making me do Something very immature and irresponsible. As a human being i felt guilty and bad but the urge to continue with my plans were stronger than the guilt i was feeling.

A knock on the door quickly sounded breaking up my thoughts.

“I think Tony is here. He probably has come to beg” she informed me while i drew back with shock. Strangely it never occured to me to reason towards that direction. It never occured to me to plan what to say and how to act if Tony was to show up at her house which caused the shock i got on hearing that he was probably the person knocking. I equally knew he was going to be surprised to see me there and so had just few seconds to think out a reasonable explanation to give my friend.

I wasn’t yet ready to expose myself to him.

I bravely opened the door for Tony who gasped with surprise as he saw me.

“oh gracious lord. You are here?”
he exclaimed curiously. I nervously smiled and made way for him to enter the room while Jenifer turned her back on us.

“so you know?”
he asked suspiciously.

“know about what?”
i murmured, pretending to be confused.

“yea i called your friend first thing today. I told him about your games. Just leave my house” Jenifer cut in with anger, saving me a whole lot of explanation. I breathed deeply and smiled with relief.

“i have things under control. Just respect her wish and leave for the moment. I’ll brief you later”
i said to him convincingly. He drew back and gave me a look of trust.

“can you fix things for me?”
he asked hopefully.

“of course my friend. I’ll, and before i forget, please give me Irene’s Phone number. I hope she has left” i said curiously.

“yea i sent her home very early in the morning” he answered weakly, sharing the girl’s number with me. Moments after, he left unceremoniously, leaving me alone with Jenifer.

“so the girl, who is she?. You can’t believe the shock i got seeing her in his house. Gosh” Jenifer vibrated angrily.

“her name is Irene. She used to be Tony’s fiancee, until he met you”
i answered truthfully, drawing out a very fierce gaze from the shocked girl.

“i still can’t believe Tony could do such a thing to me”
she cried softly, while i rolled my eyes with satisfaction. I couldn’t help but imagine the scene that was created in Tony’s house the previous evening.

“i can’t believe things are just going as expected”
i chuckled happily, my imaginations instantly going wild with all i planned doing with the decieved girl.

“if you are in my shoes, what will you do?” Jenifer asked painfully. Her swollen eyes and coloured face melted my heart, giving me great urge to go forward and hug her but i held myself.

” if i’m in your position, all i will do is simply shut down my heart and take time in thinking and studying the situation. This isn’t the time a lady should have hopes on a guy who has another girl in his path. You know time waits for nobody and i know the best advice is the one you can give yourself. I have to leave now”
i calmly said to her, smiled and left without another word.
It was now a matter of time before she erases Tony from her heart to give me the opportunity i had always hoped for. She always had feelings for me and so i knew there won’t be any difficulty for her moving on with me.

My only fear was Tony’s reaction, because i knew how ruthless he could be when provoked.

My mind really wasn’t at ease as i headed over to his house as i left Jenifer’s apartment. I had no news to share with him but had to go see him anyway.

On getting to Tony’s house, i discovered he was very nervous and uneasy. It touched my heart but i quickly pushed aside my conscience..

“what’s up?”
he asked,
“she needs time bro, just give her time. I know she will come around” i said to my friend who frowned unhappily.

“you mean i should stay away from her?, c’mon that’s impossible. Do you want me to die with grief?” he cried. I smiled and tapped his shoulder.

“not only should you stay away from her for the moment, also don’t disturb her with your phone calls, at least for a week. Believe me, i’m speaking from experience” i said while he breathed deeply, looking down.

“You know I almost killed Irene yesterday. I was taking my bath when Jenifer surprisingly showed up. The two ladies almost tore each other apart. I feel so bad for hitting Irene mercilessly after Jenifer left, and early this morning i had to throw her out in a very degrading manner. I feel so ashamed bro. I don’t have your level of education but i know what is right. Moreover i have my dignity and integrity to protect”
he poured out painfully.

“c’mon bro, stop whinnying like a lady. Everything happens for a purpose. Just think positively huh”
i advised seriously as if i was watching his back as a friend.


The next day, Irene honoured my invitation and came over to my office. The frown on her face told me the true condition of her feelings and it was something i was hoping to cash in on.

“Just like i told you on phone yesterday, I want to help you secure your fiancee Tony, but it all depends on you. Are you willing to play or not??” I asked the lost girl with a cunning smile which played down my lips.

“yea, anything that will help me get back Tony” she replied. I smiled and nodded.

“you have to pick up your phone, call Jenifer and apologise. Tell her you have left Tony and that she should carry on with him, since she’s very desperate to have him. Make your voice polite, strong, vindicative and innocent”[/b] i said quietly to her. She shook with surprise and stared at me with fire in her eyes.

“what??, what did you just say?”
she screamed with displeasure.

“Relax my dear, i know what i’m doing. Jenifer is a very decent girl with conscience. I have already told her all about you and she knows you met Tony before her. So doing what i just asked you to do will hit her ego and conscience, forcing her to give up the fight and leave Tony without having a second thought. Trust me” i convinced Irene, who slowly nodded in agreement.

“remember, say nothing on how you got her number to anyone, for your own good” i added as i called out Jenifer’s phone number for her.

Surprisingly Irene was a much better actor than i expected. She brought down her voice to a very mild manner as she apologized to Jenifer.

The phone was on speak out, enabling me to listen easily.

“i’m a good Christian and i don’t believe in fighting my fellow woman for a man. I just did my confession this morning and apologized to God, so forgive me as well. Tony my fiancee is all yours. You can have him” she rounded up with those touching words,
“please wait a minute” we heard Jenifer suddenly beg.

“can we meet?” she asked Irene who instantly looked at me. I shook my head.

“no we can’t meet. I can’t bear seeing you”
she answered.

“very well then, it’s cool but i advice you figure out things with your fiancee. He lied to me but it’s over now. I don’t have anything to do with him again. So try and fix things with him”
she responded and hung up, leaving Irene beaming with Joy.

“yes!” she screamed happily.

“Jackpot! so easy!”
i smiled,
“Jenifer is now mine”
i breathed with satisfaction, closing my fist.

“now listen to me and listen good. Go home and wait for my orders. Don’t dare act on your own if you are serious about getting back Tony” I seriously said to Irene who nodded in agreement.

“fine, i can assure you that Tony will be fully yours when i’m done with my plans”
I promised the young Lady, who smiled in appreciation.

Early the next day, i headed over to Jenifer’s house to check on her. Of course my grand plan was going as i wanted which made me very relaxed and happy.

Jenifer welcomed me into her apartment with a simple smile on her face, softening my heart with the simple gesture of acceptance.

She hardly welcomed me with a smile and so seeing the welcoming smile on her face that morning brought up my hopes to an amazing level.

“I hope you are fine?”
i asked innocently. She shrugged, saying nothing.

“I know we got off in a very unpleasant manner but i beg you to forget about it all. Let’s focus on your happiness, I know i’m the last person you expect to trust. But please trust me”
I appealed calmly.

“It’s okay Emeka. I see you as a good person, at least i do owe you a lot for opening my eyes to Tony’s deception. Plus the advice you have been giving free of charge. I do appreciate and i value you a lot”
she replied to my surprise.

“I asked Tony to be here by 7pm. I will be giving him my decision by that time. I will like you to be present as well” she announced, surprising me further with her words.

“yea i will make my decision today. You will be the witness”
she concluded, while i speechlessly stared at her….


I couldn’t concentrate on anything, after leaving Jenifer’s apartment that fateful morning. I couldn’t wait to know the decision she was going to make. My hopes were up so were my fears. It was a fifty-fifty chance.

By 6pm i dragged myself to Tony’s house. He was glad and pleased to see me, wasting no time in pouring out his feelings to me.

“Jenifer asked me to show up at her apartment by 7pm with you. I don’t know why she’s trying to judge me without listening to my defence. It isn’t fair, she’s really taking things too far”
he complained unhappily.

“you got a point bro, but i know her to be a level headed girl. I believe she’s inviting you to hear your views, moreover you do know i have been talking to her” i said convincingly.

“I do pray so, because i can’t stand another surprise. I just can’t”
he broke down sadly.

“but what if she chooses to be unreasonable, will you keep fighting for her?” I asked,

“of course not!. Yes i do love Jenifer but i won’t continue fooling myself like a school boy if she insists on being unreasonable. I simply will marry Irene and say goodbye to bachelorhood. Believe me, i will do it”
he poured out seriously, while i smiled with satisfaction.

The worst enemy anyone can ever get is a bad friend.

By 7:10pm that fateful day, Tony and I were seated in Jenifer’s cosy sitting room. The tension in the room was very hot and serious.
“please stop keeping me in suspense. I beg to hear what you intend saying to me”
Tony finally appealed, breaking the silence in the room. I listened uneasily.

“Tony you are a very nice generous person. Very friendly and cheerful, but the little incident that happened some days ago changed some of my feelings towards you. I know you never intentionally meant bad for me, but seriously some things can’t be changed”
Jenifer spoke quietly, throwing occasional glances at me as she addressed a very nervous Tony.

“you claim to be in Love with me?.

The answer i can’t verify. You were seriously engaged to another girl before meeting me?. The answer i have verified.

Have my feelings towards you changed?. Oh yes it has changed. I no longer love you Tony, though to be honest i never had something strong for you” she poured out effortlessly. I drew back on my seat while Tony sprang up with shock.

“I beg of you!” he screamed,
“The decision has been made my dear.

You have a girl that loves you much more than i do.

I can’t take her place, let’s just be friends please” she tried calming him down.

“just because of a single mistake?. It’s obvious you have been waiting for this to happen. You never were in love with me. Gosh this is so incredible d–n” Tony breathed unhappily. I simply sat and watched the drama silently.

Everything was just going as i wanted.

My friend was right about one thing.

Jenifer never loved him, but was in the relationship due to reasons best known to her until the situation i helped create presented itself.

“aren’t you going to say something?” Tony suddenly faced me, bringing me out from my thoughts with his question. I instantly jumped up and stared at the two adults speechlessly. They returned my look, eager to hear what was in my mind.

[b] “I’m sorry bro, but there is nothing i can say. It’s obvious she had everything well planned out. I’m shocked, i rather not say anything” i stammered and looked away.

“I need a drink, i’m boiling right now”
Tony breathed, gave Jenifer a long look before leaving the apartment furiously. I dutifully followed him like a loyal friend.

We ended up in a small bar just across his house. I couldn’t do anything than watch my friend drink himself to coma. I was satisfied with the turn out of events but not entirely happy. My conscience wouldn’t let me.

By 10pm i carried Tony to his apartment, took him to bed and called Irene before leaving the apartment.

“Tony is now yours. Come take care of him tomorrow”
i informed her with a dry smile..

It was finally time to move over to the final stage of my plan. The most risky and difficult part…

I kept to myself for two days before visiting Jenifer on the third day.

I made my way to her apartment at exactly 7:45 in the evening. She was surprised to see me because i never told her i was coming.

she gasped with surprise when she answered the door to see me, making no chance for me to enter her house.

“hope i will be permitted inside?”
i asked confidently.

“oh!” she exclaimed and made way for me. I slowly walked in while she shut the door and faced me curiously.

“you know, you shouldn’t be here?”
she asked quietly. I smiled, drew close and stared into her eyes.

“yea i know” i breathed with deep passion.

“i couldn’t continue staying away” i confessed, held her hands and brought down my lips on hers, Swiftly kissing her tenderly.

She instantly backed away from me, her face growing pale.

“I beg you, please stop this nonsense” she pleaded weakly.

“i can’t. I just can’t” i murmured with emotion.

“please don’t say no to me. I beg of you” i prayed. She breathed deeply, saying nothing.

The confusion in her was quite noticeable.

A part of her wanted me, while the other part resisted.

“I really do love you”
i added seriously, brought down my lips and kissed her again. This time she didn’t push me away, instead glued herself to me as my kiss got hold of her.

I kissed and fondled her, while she slowly responded in a way that aroused me greatly. In no time we were on the floor, kissing and fighting in a very wondrous manner. Slowly, i reached for her b0s0ms, my hands swift and magical. She m0aned more and more, which encouraged and made me extremely excited.
It was now a matter of time before i got fed with the best food ever. She was ripe and ready to be devoured.

Confidently i tried undressing her, loosening her blouse expertly, but suddenly i saw myself in the air, inches away from her. I was dazed, confused and shocked.

“please it’s okay. I’m not ready”
she poured out solemnly.

Guilt instantly appearing on her face, but before i could say anything, the smell of burning food hit us.

“oh no!”
she screamed and ran towards her kitchen.

“do stay put, we still have a lot to discuss”
she shouted and disappeared into the kitchen.

“d–n” i cursed, while my manhood nodded its head angrily.

“you know my heart is deep into you that i can’t back out no matter the reason” i confessed as i joined Jenifer in the kitchen.

She turned and stared into my eyes as if she was searching for some unknown answers.

“I love you and that’s all that matters to me”
i continued.

“no Emmy. This isn’t right, remember your friend and I had a relationship. That alone spoils everything. You will never respect me”
she murmured, turned and backed me. I drew close and held her shoulder.

“i know you had a relationship with my friend. I’m also aware that the relationship was never strong. I do know you never slept with Tony because he told me himself that you guys were saving it all up for marriage. So you are a princess my dear”
i said sweetly. She turned and faced me again.

“my only problem with guys is that i don’t know when they are saying the truth. You sound very honest and convincing, but deep down i’m scared. Seriously scared” She poured out with deep emotion. I breathed deeply and hugged her.

“I swear with my life. I’m being very honest and all i say is from my heart”
i assured her.

“please wait for me at the sitting room. You are distracting me again” she begged.


We ended up having a wonderful dinner which really was one of the most memorable ones i have ever had. The food was simply delicious, Jenifer’s smile wondrous and captivating.

I really was so happy and fulfilled.

I was very certain she was finally mine even though she was yet to officially say yes to me.

After the meal, i followed her to the kitchen and watched her wash the plates. My action made her very nervous but i cared not.

“when are you leaving. It’s getting very late?”
she asked nervously. I smiled and kept quiet, saying nothing until she finished the dishes.

We returned to the sitting room and faced each other. Our hearts throbbing furiously.

Suddenly, with a quick fierce movement we grabbed each other, our lips locked together with the same swift force.

We ended up in her bedroom where we took time devouring each other. I rode her like an elephant while she took me on like a WWE Diva. It was such a wonderful and exciting moment. Her a-s was just well shaped, sexy and smooth. Her b0s0ms super attractive and extremely appealing. Her body sleek and athletic.

My waist almost ripped off as i kept thrusting with great abandon.

Finally after about an hour, we felt apart, breathing heavily. I stared at her with appreciation.

“i will make you my wife as fast as i can. Marrying you is now my top priority”
i said with all my heart. She blushed and hid her face.


I couldn’t return to my apartment that night and so we spent the rest of the night in each other arms. It was a dream come true for me. I slept very well, in fact we overslept that we only woke when a strange kind of knock sounded on her door very early in the morning. The knock was very strange because it was unusually loud and annoying.

The person knocking refused saying a word, instead continued knocking rudely which really made us more angry than tensed.

Jenifer quickly dressed up and hurried to answer the door while i remained on the bed waiting for her to return. But suddenly i heard a familiar voice which made me jump out of the bed with fright.

“where is he?, you think i’m a fool right?”
Tony’s voice echoed in the sitting room like an angry lion. Before i could get my act together he showed up in the bedroom. His eyes glaring with fire.

I couldn’t believe it was all happening. I had no idea what prompted his presence early that morning. I was just speechless and confused.

“how could you?” he asked, advancing towards me with great anger.

“I knew my breakup with Jenifer wasn’t ordinary. I knew it right from the begining but i never imagined my bestfriend and brother was the person behind the mask.” Tony barked as he closed in on me. My heart throbbed furiously.

I had great urge to run, but couldn’t do anything than stand my ground because it was shameful and unmanly to run from a fellow man.

“I had Jenifer watched. Oh yes i had her watched with my hard earned money. What did i get?. My own friend, my brother s——g my woman. How long have you been doing it?”
he asked as he grabbed my neck.

” I beg of you Tony, stop this madness or i will scream” Jenifer threatened, coming to my rescue but a backhand slap from Tony sent her diving to the floor.

“get out of my way you b—h. You are nothing but a scammer. A pretender. Hope you told your lover who paid for this apartment huh. Imbecile”
he spat at Jenifer in a very rude manner.

“c’mon bro, stop this and listen to me” i pleaded weakly, but my words only earned me a super punch which turned my eyes in a very nasty manner, before i could recover from the blow, i saw his fist heading to my face again, coming with great force like Big show’s {WWE} knock out punch. I quickly dodged the killing fist and pushed him roughly. An action which infuriated him profusely.

“you still have the guts to push me huh?”
he breathed furiously, pulled out a belt from his trouser and advanced on me, lashing out the whip with great strength. The blow hit my face, shoulder and neck, bringing great fire all over my body. I screamed and lunched forward as he raised his hand to deliver another blow, giving him a nose dive that caught him in the midsection.

We both fell heavily on the floor which gave me an upper hand to sit on his stomach before he could recover from the shock my dive gave him.

“you guys should stop this nonsense or i swear i will throw this bucket of water”
Jenifer instantly screamed with a bucket full of water dangerously dangling towards us. Tony breathed deeply, pushed me out of his body and stood up with an evil grin.

“it’s not over yet. I will be your worst nightmare”
he said to Jenifer, gave me a last look and left the apartment without another word.

“see what you have caused” Jenifer cried painfully. I drew close and hugged her.

“we have to stick together my love. I know Tony, and i know he meant every word. But don’t worry, you got me”
i assured her weakly.

“I have to go beg him. I have to apologize to Tony. I think it will go a long way in calming him” Jenifer sobbed.

“you are doing no such thing dear. Let me handle the situation. I know how to follow Tony” i assured her, even though i equally was lost on how to deal with the unexpected situation. I never bargained on Tony’s action which really left me disorganized.

As i left Jenifer’s apartment fifteen minutes later, I dialled Tony’s number.

“guy we need to talk”
i said as soon as he answered.

“we got nothing to talk mate. You stabbed my back, now watch out your own back. I know how to stab much more than you” he hissed and hung up, leaving me totally scared. His voice was so different. Seriously he was a changed man.

I headed home, freshened up and drove out to take a little drink. I was very nervous and shaken.

I knew i had to come up with something very fast, but just couldn’t figure out anything because i was clueless of what Tony was planning for me.

I equally couldn’t concentrate on anything that day nor was i able to sleep at night. I kept tossing around On my bed, thinking and sweating.

“what’s he planning?”
i kept wondering, while a dog from the next compound, made the night more frightening by barking all through.

Early the next day, Jenifer called me on phone,
“I can’t continue spending the night all alone in my apartment. I had a very miserable night. Please we have to come up with something, i’m very scared. Seems like i will be moving in to your place” she poured out, while i tried my best in calming her.

After the speaking with Jenifer, i dressed up and headed to a nearby police station. I sure needed police protection, because there wasn’t any doubt my life was at risk.

I figured there wasn’t anything else Tony could do other than paying for my death and with that state of mind, i headed to the police station to make a formal report.

Under-estimating an enemy is a sure way of losing a fight. I wasn’t ready to take chances…

I got to a nearby mini police station very close to my house, made a formal report and requested for police protection.

My request was however turned down by a police inspector who claimed that my request was highly unnecessary, that i had no justifiable cause to demand for police protection.

He simply asked me to go home and report back when my life gets threatened. A comment which totally annoyed and forced me to raise my voice on him.

“oga we can’t just assign a police officer to be babysitting you 24hours a day for who knows how long. We don’t have the manpower, we can only spare a man if you want him for a day or two which isn’t the case with you. I think you should go to our area command or state headquarters to make your request, moreover do know that it’s going to cost you a lot. One other thing i noticed is that you are not coming out clean with us.

You claim your life is in danger yet you can’t provide anything or clue to back up your claims” the officer turned me down with his terrible English.

I bit my lips eyed him and left the station angrily. It was obvious he wasn’t ready to help and the last thing on my mind was telling him the whole reason i needed protection. Of course i couldn’t open my mouth and blab how i stole my friend’s girl to him.

As i headed to my car, I noticed a policeman running after me. I stopped and stared at him searchingly.

“oga i’m sorry for the little drama that happened between you and our boss”
he apologized as he stopped before me, breathing with excitement, he gave me a piece of paper which had a phone number in it.

“just call the guy. He does this kind of odd jobs. Bodyguard, security, anything. His name is Joe, he’s ex-military”
he informed me. I smiled, fetched a thousand Naira from my pocket and handed to him.

i said with appreciation.


Driving out of the police station, I called the man who luckily was close by.

“drive over to ring road and call me. I’ll be waiting there” Joe said to my delight, but as i drove towards Ring road to meet him, i got a shocking phone call from my gas station manager.

“oga our tanker is on fire oooo. Some guys just came in, attacked us and lit up the tanker” he poured out, leaving me gasping for air with the revelation.

“what!!” i screamed, totally shocked and angry. I couldn’t believe that a tanker i bought some months back with Tony’s help was suddenly attacked and lit up. I needed no telling that my friend Tony was behind the dastardly act.

“Tony why?, why my Tanker?” i cried as i slowly realised that perhaps his revenge was to finish me off by leaving me totally broke, thereby rendering me incapable of sustaining Jenifer.

“oh no, now i get you bro” i sobbed.

I drove over to Ring road, picked up Joe and furiously headed to my gas station. We discussed the job at hand as i drove. His answers were cool and encouraging, just like his appearance which was very intimidating.

I cried out on getting to my gas station where my tanker burned uncontrollably. Firefighters and my staff were busy, desperately trying to put out the raging fire.

I almost collapsed, watching an investment that cost me millions of Naira burn.

“oh Tony you will pay for this. You must surely pay”
i swore with my heart while tears freely fell from my eyes.

“oga you shouldn’t be crying publicly. At least the gas station isn’t affected. The body of the tanker is still redeemable, it’s just the engine and driver’s corner that is on fire”
Joe said quietly, trying to calm me. I simply hissed and eyed him.

The fire was finally extinguished about twenty five minutes later, but the level of damage it created was quite shocking. The Tanker was just a shadow of itself. I couldn’t get myself to look at it.

After settling with my staff and firefighters who saved the day. I headed out to confront Tony.

I was ready for a showdown. The anger in me was capable of killing him.

There wasn’t any doubt he hit me where it hurt most. Of course he was clever going after my tanker, something he knew i valued very well.

A business man survives and lives for his business. Take out the business and the man behind the business is vulnerable to bankruptcy, poverty, hunger and death.

“hope you have something on you?. Hope you are armed?”
i asked Joe as i furiously drove to confront Tony.

He looked at me with surprise.

“no sir, I wasn’t expecting to start work today”
he stammered.

“but you do have a gun?. You have weapons?”
i asked curiously.

“yes sir. I have a licensed pistol”
he answered carefully.

“good we are going to get it. So how do we get to your house?” i asked, stopping my car in a corner. He breathed deeply and stared at my cold face.

“oga what are you trying to do?”
he asked.

“we are going to confront the guy who just burnt my tanker, but first we must go get your gun” i said seriously. He shook his head, his face growing pale with worry.

“sir i’m not an assassin. I took this job because you wanted a bodyguard”
he stammered, while i scoffed.

“i’m not asking you to kill anybody. We are heading to my enemy’s house and it’s logical as my bodyguard your weapon must be with you to protect me” i answered sharply. He shrugged with a shoulder.

“sir seriously with the mood you are in. I fear the worst” he murmured carefully.

“i need the direction to your house”
i barked.

“fine drive on and take right when you get to the junction ahead” he said slowly. I gave him a searching look, drew back and drove on.

I wasn’t going to let Tony destroy me because of a woman. I had to man up and beat him once again….

We got to Joe’s apartment, fetched the gun and headed out in search of Tony. I wasn’t thinking straight. All that was in my mind was hitting back on Tony.

Luckily for him, he wasn’t in his house nor at the terrible work shop he called his office. I turned back and returned to my gas station, my eyes red with fury.

“oga you have to take things easy, calm down and think over the situation. It isn’t wise making a hasty decision” Joe tried advising me. I bit my lips, saying nothing to him.

I called Jenifer hours later, telling her the terrible news. She couldn’t believe her ears, screaming with shock.

“don’t worry, i will deal with Tony” i promised her.

“c’mon stop that kind of talk. I’m responsible for this terrible crisis. You can’t imagine how bad i feel, drawing two friends into a fight. Please come over to my apartment immediately. I’m all alone” she begged.

“fine i’m on my way” i replied, hung up and nodded at Joe.

“let’s go home” i said to him.

Jenifer was surprised seeing Joe with me when i got to her apartment. Her surprise however turned to a deep shock when we got to her bedroom and i told her the reason Joe was with me.

“c’mon don’t tell me it has gotten so bad for you to hire a bodyguard?”
she asked fearfully.

“yes my dear. Don’t you think someone that has the mind to set my Tanker on fire isn’t capable of killing me?” i replied, held her hand and stared into her eyes.

“you have to get your things my dear. You are moving in with me today. I don’t think you are save here. Tony might hire some guys to rape you in order to punish me further” i said seriously. She nodded with fear, rushed to her ward rope and began packing her things.
I returned to the sitting room and smiled at Joe.

“I know we never discussed about you sleeping at my place in your contract, and i guess you won’t agree to that considering your family and age. But the problem is that I don’t have a gateman at my place. I never needed one because it’s just a small compound, but now i need one. I need someone to guard the place especially when i’m not around. Can you get any good one for me?”
i asked curiously.

“yea i know two Fulani brothers who can do the work very well. I have seen them in action. They are agile and good with machete.

I believe they can handle guns as well” he answered with a smile.

“good, go get them immediately. Try persuade them to come this evening”
i said seriously, while he gave me a worried look, nodded and left.

I was very scared as i drove home all alone with Jenifer. I was afraid Tony might be lying in wait for me at my empty compound.

I regretted permitting Joe to leave. It was just a hasty miscalculated decision on my part.

Yea Jenifer was mine, but seriously the relationship was leaving a big scar on me. Nevertheless i was a born fighter and giving her up was never an option to me.

“baby i love you” i sweetly said to her. She smiled and licked her lips. Cautiously we headed to my house.

On getting to my house, i nervously parked my car, cautiously alighted and took a swift look round the compound. I was terribly scared, because the whole area was quiet and lonely. A good place for an ambush.

However nothing surprising happened. Jenifer held me with a smile, together we walked into the building.

“you know this has to stop. I mean this fight with your friend. It’s totally unnecessary, and very stupid for matured adults to be fighting over a woman”
she said as she fetched me a glass of water minutes later.

“you really don’t understand the male pride. Tony isn’t going to rest until he sees me go down which i won’t allow him to achieve” i replied, drank the water she offered me and smiled at her. She looked away. The guilt on her face very apparent. Of course she was hurting inside, perhaps regretting ever allowing me to have my way with her.

“baby c’mon, don’t feel bad. Come, come on my laps” i said sweetly.

“i have to meet Tony. I have to talk to him. You don’t expect me to sit and watch you guys fight over me. This got to stop” she said seriously. I breathed deeply, stood up and held her.

“fine, i’ll try one more time to reason things with him. I can forget about my burnt Tanker and make peace with him. Just let me handle this” i begged seriously. She looked at me, shook her head and walked to my bedroom. I collapsed on my chair, my mind running wild with worry.

Seriously i hated the war engulfing Tony and I, but there really was nothing i could do than fight back. Tony wasn’t ready to listen to me or behave like a gentleman. The fight between us was now inevitable, but just like i promised Jenifer, i was ready to forget about my burnt Tanker and make peace with him, if only he would accept.

i breathed, grabbed my phone and called Joe.

“hey Oga, i’m still searching for the boys. Don’t worry i’ll get back to you”
he replied. I hung up and sighed.


By 9pm, Jenifer joined me on the bed, smiling seductively as she climbed on my body, relieving the tension in me with the action. I smiled and caressed her hair.

“promise me you will stop fighting with your friend”
she begged, pulled down and took off my shorts. I breathed heavily, my hormones rising with excitement.

“i’ll try my best”
i replied.

“you know we can never be happy if you guys continue fighting over me. Every relationship needs peace and we very much need it. Please try your best” she pleaded and lowered her mouth over my erect d–k, sending me to the moon with the s£nsat!onal magic of her lips.

I sure needed all the s-x i could get because i never knew what the next day was bringing.

It could be my last.

Early the next day, a kinsman who lived in the same neighbourhood with me showed up in my house. I was highly surprised to see him because we weren’t mates nor close friends. I instantly suspected it was Tony’s case that brought him.

“i came so early in order to meet you at home. You boys hardly spent a minute at home these days”
he said jokingly, trying to ease the tension between us. I laughed fetched a bottle of hot drink and kept on a stool before him.

“aah nothing suits the soul more than a shot of this drink every morning” he laughed and diligently served himself while i looked on with a smile. He appeared relaxed while i looked a bit nervous.

Even though we were far from being close friends, i respected him a lot, especially the way he played his community politics. He was barely forty years old but has been our town union secretary in Benin city for so many years, even before i knew what was politics.

“what is this rumour i hear going round between you and your friend. I heard a very surprising news from Tony’s cousin yesterday” he asked calmly, studying me with his eyes. I scoffed and drew back.

“what rumour did you hear?” i asked. He smiled, served himself another shot of whisky before facing me.

“you took away his woman”
he fired directly, mincing no words.

“oh i see, c’mon Tony is yet to marry, so how come i stole his woman?” i asked with a sly smile.

“come off the pretence man. You perfectly understood my question and your answer shows you really did it. Why?, why her?. This town is filled with lots of women. Gush” he breathed with disappointment.

“you are a graduate. You are rich. Your father was my friend. A man of honour Why commit this terrible atrocity with his blood?. You took away your friend’s woman because of a silly hit and run agenda in your mind” he said angrily, hiding nothing from me.

His words were strong and painful. In fact he whipped me with his tongue.

“it’s not the way you think. We both fell for the same woman and luckily she chose me instead of him. I have no hit and run agenda in my mind. I’m marrying her” i defended myself, breathing heavily.

He spat out the drink in his throat and stared at me with shock.

“what madness!” he exclaimed.

“yes i’m marrying her” i repeated.

“this is really more serious than i thought. C’mon man think. I’m your senior but still a young man. I’m not yet up to forty years but i have seen a lot to know when things are going astray. You know no man legitimately marries a wife alone. You need your people, you need me, you need Tony, you need your kinsmen. Do you think anyone will follow or side you to marry her. I know it’s too early to be saying these words but the earlier the better. Nobody fights his kinsman in the city and lives a fulfilled life after. I don’t think our people will permit you to marry a woman you stole from a brother, unless you settle with him which i very much doubt. We are all from the same clan. Yes Tony is your brother. This isn’t good at all” he concluded, stood, shook his head and left with disappointment, leaving me shocked and choked up.

I managed to return to my room where i found Jenifer crying. It was obvious she overheard everything

“c’mon baby, it’s true our relationship isn’t going to get a smooth sailing, but that shouldn’t despair you. I’m with you and nothing it’s going to change it” i pleaded desperately, but she never listened, instead continued crying.

“i made a terrible mistake by following my heart. We are in Africa. Family matters a lot. Nobody will respect me in your family” she sobbed seriously.

The whole day was really a big mess for me.
I spent every minute trying to cheer up Jenifer but the more i tried the more she cried.
I didn’t leave my apartment that fateful day, nor did i do any other thing apart from trying to make her happy. Joe equally showed up by 9am without the boys i asked him to get.

“oga i was told they left for Jos yesterday morning, but i have sent message across.

They will be back today or tomorrow” he said to me.

Seriously my affair with Jenifer turned everything in my life upside down just with few days of being with her, but as my life changed, so did my love for her grew.

I was overwhemingly in love with her.

I was ready to do anything for her, even kill for her.

However things took a dramatic turn the next day. I woke up to find my Jenifer gone without a trace. Her bags and clothes were still intact in my bedroom, but she was nowhere to be found, her phone equally switched off..

I couldn’t believe myself. I unsuccessfully searched all around my rooms for her, before rushing to the entrance door to find it closed but unlocked, same as my gate, which showed that she left with her own free will.

Quickly i fetched my car keys and drove to her apartment but unfortunately she wasn’t there. The whole place was securely locked.

Tears slowly dropped from my eyes as three ideas instantly hit my mind.

“perhaps she couldn’t control her fears anymore and chose to run away, or maybe went over to Tony’s house to do the unimaginable, or could it be that she ran away to take her life?” i reasoned fearfully, almost urinating on my trouser as fear took over my entire body.

I was still thinking of what next to do, when a call from Joe came into my phone.

“oga where are you?, you left the house without me?”
he asked with concern.

“Jenifer has disappeared, i’m at her apartment right now. I can’t find her”
i answered painfully,

“oh!, should i come over?”
he asked.

“no don’t worry, i’m coming to pick you up”
i answered, breathed deeply and headed back to my house where he was patiently waiting with two young men.
“the boys are here for the work”
he said with a smile, while i nodded with appreciation.
“negotiate with them, you are in charge. Meet me in my sitting room we you are done.

We have something more important at hand” i said and went into my apartment to change my clothes.

Joe came in five minutes later, looking very serious and curious. He sat on my couch and watched me.

“her phone is switched off. I don’t know what to think. Yes she must be with Tony, Let’s go over there right away”
i said with despair. He drew back and shook his head.
“i don’t think it’s a wise idea sir” he murmured.

“i don’t care what you think. Let’s go” i commanded and got up.

He shrugged and followed me without another word.

On getting to Tony’s house, i parked my car across his open gate and walked in screaming his name furiously.

Two guys quickly emerged from the backyard and headed towards me as if they planned throwing Joe and I out of the compound.

They however weren’t armed and so drew no fear from me.

“hey guys leave them. This is my fight”
Tony suddenly shouted and emerged from the front door with a double barrel gun.

The boys instantly stopped and drew back, while i scoffed with disdain.

“i see you got yourself a bodyguard, hmmm that’s impressive” he smiled and drew closer to me.

“and i see you got yourself some touts, hmmm that’s foolish” i mimicked. He frowned as the insult did its work.

“what stops me from blowing off your head right now?” he asked, cocking his gun.

“i can claim you were trespassing, i can claim robbery. I can claim self defence. I know you guys are armed, now toss your weapons” he ordered, pointing his double barrel gun at my forehead. I smiled coldly.

Of course i knew he wasn’t going to shoot.

I saw it in his eyes. The fear in him was very noticeable. But yes sometimes a man can do the imaginable just to score a cheap point.

Joe cautiously drew closer to me, breathing down my neck while he quickly drew back a little and positioned his weapon very well.

It was now a battle of wits.

“Jenifer is missing, is she with you?” i asked cautiously. Tony drew back again, his gun still pointing at me.

“just look at you, pointing a gun at your own brother. My tanker you burnt isn’t it enough revenge?”
i asked coldly, forcing him to lower the gun with my words.

“i burnt your tanker?”
he asked with surprise written over his face, but it failed to convince me of his innocence.

“your boys burnt my tanker, now Jenifer is gone, c’mon Tony how far are you willing to go for a woman. You are a man bro, you got to let some things go”
i said seriously, drawing closer to him while he moved back again.

“i didn’t burn your Tanker neither did i kidnap Jenifer. All i did was report your atrocity to all my friends and family. Seems like your sins are catching up with you. There is no better revenge than that” he said with a scornful smile, tossing his gun to one of the two guys in his compound.

“return the gun to my room. We won’t be needing it after all”
he said to the boys, who quickly disappeared into the house with it.

“you took away Jenifer from me. I’ll never forgive you for that, but just like i told you sometime back, i’m not ready to be a bachelor anymore. I’ll be marrying Irene in a couple of months, so i have nothing to do with Jenifer’s disappearance”
he said seriously, while Joe drew close and held my hand.

“i don’t think he has your woman, let’s go”
he said, dragging me out of the compound. I couldn’t just describe how i felt that moment. I was far from miserable.

Joe drove my car, while i sat at the passenger’s corner as we headed back to my house.

“Jenifer is fine, don’t despair”
he tried calming me, but surprisingly, a text message from Jenifer entered my phone that same moment.

were the words she sent. I quickly dialled her phone number but unfortunately the line was switched off….

“no it can’t be”
i cried with despair, wondering where she could be…

“where are you Jenifer?”
i asked with a broken heart.

I was quite restless all through the rest of that day, giving Joe a hard time as he desperately tried to calm me.

“seriously i believe Jenifer is save where ever she is. I think she just wants to be away from you for the moment and it’s wise you respect her wish. She just wants to be away for things to calm down. Don’t you understand”
he seriously said to me, but his words meant nothing to me. All i wanted was to see Jenifer, nothing more, nothing less.

“where do you think she could be?”
i asked him. He shrugged slowly, looking down.

“she could be with her friends, she could be at her hometown. She has lots of places to hide, I presume” he answered, while i quickly got up with excitement.

“we have to check her school, yea someone there must know something” i said, grabbed my keys and headed out while he followed me, shaking his head in protest.

“c’mon we can’t be going there by this time of the day, it’s past 2pm already. God”
he begged as we headed to my car. But i refused listening.

Unfortunately i achieved nothing, nor got any information from the school. Nobody was able to give any reasonable answer to my questions. I headed back home with despair.

“you can’t continue like this. You have to cheer up, she isn’t death. You just have to settle down, get yourself and think over the situation with a settled mind. Without a settled mind you will end up with nothing. Rest, clear your head and think properly”
Joe advised once again.

This time i listened to him.

“yes i think you are right. You can go home now. I can take care of myself”
i said quietly, while he stared at me curiously.

“don’t worry, i’m fine. I just want to sleep and clear my head” i said to him, forcing out a smile.

“okay, i will be here early tomorrow” he smiled, stood up and left. I slowly got up, fetched a bottle of whisky and took some shots before retiring to my bedroom where i instantly fell asleep.

I woke up around 7pm feeling very sick and hungry. I dialled Jenifer’s number once again but still got the same old “phone switched off”response. I hissed, freshened up and headed to a small restaurant down the street, equally inviting my pal Selena to join me there. I sure needed a friend, someone to cheer me up and bring out my spirit.

Selena showed up an hour later with an apologetic smile on her face.

“i’m so sorry for keeping you waiting my love. It’s like you are drunk?” she apologized, kissed me and drew back with surprise after percieving the smell of alchohol from my breathe.

“c’mon let’s go home, hope you can still drive?” she asked as she dragged me to my feet.

All i wanted was my Jenifer but sure Selena was a good pal who always cured me from such pains…..

Yea i know some would frown at my action, but that very moment a dead part of me needed revival. A sort of revival only Selena could perform.

On getting to my house, i took a quick shower before joining Selena who was already naked on the bed.

“so how do you want it?”
she asked sweetly. I breathed deeply and la!d beside her.

“i don’t know if i’m doing the right thing by being with you. Things are going badly for me right now”
i complained bitterly.

She leaned forward and rested her head on my chest.

“now tell me your problems. We have been friends for a long time, perhaps i can be of help”
she asked curiously.

“yeah, i think i can open up to you. I have nothing to lose”
i smiled and took my time in telling her everything. She listened with great attention and softly caressed my chest when i was done.

“the poor girl is just scared. Of course who wouldn’t be after hearing all your kinsman said concerning her, but don’t kill yourself over it. Just give her a little time for things to calm down”
she advised while i shook my head.

“that’s the problem. I just can’t live without knowing that she’s alright. I just want to see her. I love that girl” i said strongly.

“of course i see that, but let’s forget about everything and concentrate on ourselves. Don’t you want to f–k me?” she asked as she fetched a wrap of condom, licked her lips and kissed me hotly.

My hormones instantly lit up with fire.

“naught boy”
she laughed, pulled the condom over my J0yst!ck, climbed out of the bed and switched off the lights.

Seconds later, we were m0an!ng with pleasure.
We really had wonderful s-x that sapped all my energy and gave me a new breathe of life.

I woke up the next morning, more relaxed and calm. My mind sharp and clear.

“If you really want to find Jenifer, the best place to search is her work place. She can’t stay away from work for long. She must report there no matter what. Thank me later”
Selena said with a smile as she collected her payment for the wonderful night she gave me. I drew close and hugged her.

“thanks for everything. I’ll follow up your suggestion right away”
I said with joy. She nodded, pecked me and left.

Without wasting time, i grabbed my phone and called Joe.

“i have a new job for you”
i said to Joe who murmured some inaudible words.

“I need you to watch Jenifer’s school from now onwards. I have strong feeling that we will get her there” i ordered calmly and hung up, breathing happily.

“Selena was right, Jenifer can’t afford staying away from her work place for long or could she??” i asked myself over and over.
Just like i was advised, i had no choice than to sit and hopefully wait for things to turn out good…

After two days of anxious waiting, i got a very wonderful news from Joe who came into my apartment with excitement written all over his face.

“I saw your woman today and believe me, she’s very okay. She reported to work like you were expecting and i had to wait and follow her after the school closed for the day. I now know her hideout”
he poured out with excitement, while i quickly got up and shook his hand.

“you are the man. So tell me, where is she hiding?”
i asked curiously,

“somewhere in Ekenwan, she’s probably staying with a friend”
he answered.

“good, let’s go there, let’s go right away” i shouted, grabbed my car keys and hurried out of my apartment with him.

I couldn’t control my excitement as i drove towards Ekenwan that fateful evening. I was so happy and overly excited.

We soon got to her hideout, a very cool building complex with lots of apartments.

Joe nodded and alighted, i quickly followed him and together we headed into the building, my heart beating furiously. We slowly made our way to the first floor, Joe leading the way and stopping at a door..

“here is the apartment i saw her enter this afternoon”
he said with a slight nod. I drew forward and knocked on the door without wasting time. I knocked and knocked until a middle aged lady opened up and stared at us with fear.

“where is Jenifer?” i barked,

“i don’t know any Jenifer”
she answered and tried to shut the door, but i was faster than her. I pushed forward, forcing my way into the sitting room and pushing aside the shocked lady in the process.

“get out now” she screamed, but i paid no attention to her because i already had caught glimpse of a lady escaping to one of the rooms as i bolted into the apartment.

I went after the lady, barging into the room without civility and freezing as my eyes feel on the fleeing woman. She was no other person than my Jenifer.

“Jenifer” i breathed.

“get out”
she screamed boldly like a terrified Animal.

“Jenifer” i called out her name again, happiness filling my heart and swelling my soul….

“Jenifer you are going home with me this moment. We are going home” i said seriously, watching her keenly.

“i’m not going anywhere with you just leave” she cried.

“baby, the past we can’t change, but our future we can shape. C’mon let’s go home” i begged softly, drew close and held her hand.

“no you don’t understand anything. We can’t be happy together. Do you really think you can segregate yourself from your people because of me?. C’mon your feelings will change in no time. Just leave” she cried.

Her friend and Joe barged into the room that same moment, interrupting us.

“you better leave sir”
her friend said angrily.

“i’m not leaving without her” i answered defiantly.

“let me be” Jenifer begged.

“it’s either you leave with me or i stay here with you” i replied seriously with a drawn face.

“fine let’s go but this is kidnapping” she finally murmured with resignation.

“you can’t be doing this” her friend protested while she shrugged.

“don’t worry dear, thanks for everything” she replied, forcing out a smile.

Ten minutes later, we were in my car, speeding back to my house. Joe drove the car, while Jenifer and I sat at the back seat.
“you were very rude to my friend. Your behaviour was uncalled for”
she complained quietly. I smiled and caressed her palm.

“i had no choice my dear. I was very desperate. Your absence nearly made me mad”
i confessed.

“you don’t understand. I’m a woman. I have only one life to live. I don’t want to make a mistake of choosing a wrong life partner. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life regretting marrying a wrong person.

We are in Africa for Christ sake. Marriage isn’t just only between two people here, but equally between your family and mine. Yours won’t accept me and the stigma of Tony’s issue will forever be there to spoil things.

Please understand” she pleaded desperately.

“you can’t convince me to leave you dear. Yes i’m the bad guy, but i have you to live for. I have only you”
I said seriously, kissing her hand. My phone soon rang, interrupting our discussion.

The caller turned out to be no other person than the same kinsman who paid me a visit somedays back. The same man whose words sent Jenifer fleeing for dear life.

“we are having a meeting to deliberate on your problems with Tony tomorrow. All the town union members will be there. My house is the venue. Time is 4pm”
he announced, chilling my heart with the information.

I truly wasn’t a strong member of the union but it was something like a family gathering which i had no choice than to respect. I knew they all had ganged up against me to side with Tony whose stand i couldn’t really figure out. He appeared to be playing the victim game with one hand, striking with the other hand and covering everything up like a saint.

“you see what i’m talking about”
Jenifer slowly said as if she listened to my phone conversation or knew what was in my mind…

Minutes later, we stopped at a small market where we bought some food stuffs before heading to my house with Jenifer.

Joe left for his house minutes after we got home, leaving Jenifer and i all alone for a much awaited private moment.

“just relax my love, i will fix up something we can eat in no time”
i smiled, desperately trying to please her.

“hmmm fix something ke?. You must be kidding right?” she laughed and headed to the kitchen while i dutifully followed her.

“you seriously did me bad by running away. It made no sense you know”
i complained as we ate hours later. She kept quiet, saying nothing.

“but it’s okay, i now have you back and that’s all that matters” i continued with a smile.

“you are not being fair with me. Seriously you are forcing me to be with you without understanding my fears” she complained.

“enough dear. I’m tired of hearing the same old complain. I will be your husband and i don’t care what people think. This is 21st century, everyman for himself and i don’t care what my kinsmen think about you. I will be seeing your people In two weeks time”
i announced seriously.

“for what?” she asked.

“for marriage talks of course. Why waste time when i already have the means and wealth to plan my wedding” i answered, but instead of being excited she stood up and ran to my bedroom as if my words were poison.
I quickly went after her, my heart throbbing furiously.

i called. She sat on my bed and hid her face with her palms.

“Jenny baby”
i called sweetly, sitting beside her.

“i hope in ten years time you will still remember how you forced me to marry you. Hope you will still have this kind of strong love and passion towards me. Hope you will still be eager to fight and defend me” she slowly raised up her face and asked. Her eyes searched mine, eyes filled with fear and hope. Eyes filled with passion and want. Such a wondrous soul she was.

Yes she was so scared, scared of the future, scared of being with me for the rest of her life, scared of being with the man she loved.

“You need answers my love, here is your answer”
i said solemnly, fetched a pocket knife from my reading table and cut a part of my palm, drawing out blood. She gasped and stared at me curiously.

“i swear with my blood that we will foreover be one. I make this blood convenant as a pledge” i said slowly, licked the spilling blood and kissed her with mouth filled with my blood.

“we are one my love. Nothing will change it unless death” i swore as we kissed.

“no you can’t”
she breathed with delight.

“oh yes” i replied, kissing her strongly and sending her to high heavens with my super exciting kisses. She drew back and fell on my bed while i quickly climbed over her, my hands expertly working on her hair, shoulder and back.

I caressed her with perfect abandon, feeling every bit of her body and arousing our desires with my delicate touches.

“aah, ooh oooh!”
she m0aned with pleasure as our tongues fought each other as they battled for supremacy.

In no time, she was naked before me, her clothes steps away from us. I continued with what i knew how to do best, firing up her hormones with my hands which were now in the lower region of her body, as they slowly headed for her honeypot, for some nasty finger work.

“easy please ”
she cried as my middle right finger tapped the edge of her k—y wall.

“i have never s—-d a woman in my life, but i’m going to do it for you” i breathed with passion, pulled away from her, drew down and buried my head in between her warm laps, using my tongue to brush and lick every inch of her wet k—y.

she cried with desire, pressing in my head with her hand. I licked and licked until my tongue went sore.

Slowly i pulled out my head and buried my overly excited d–k into the waiting wet k—y without any condom.

Of course, i knew what i was doing. I was very serious about marrying her and so saw no need of using protection again. However she never knew i went in without protection, because she was high with passion as i penetrated and rode her, but if she really did notice, she never showed it.

Quietly i knacked her, taking it one step at a time while my head rotated with pleasure.

“Emmy i love you”
she m0aned. I smiled with happiness.

The poor girl thought she was making a mistake by being with me and it was my duty to prove her wrong. It was my duty to confront and defend her honour before my town union members. It was my duty to convince my people and make them understand. It was my duty to make her happy. I had a big task ahead of me, but i pushed everything aside as we enjoyed the rare moment.

Oh and s-x is the sweetest thing on earth.

Slowly we rode to a new world, a new life and happiness……

Is men capable of loving in such way?: yes we are….

By 4:14pm the next day, i honoured the invitation of my town people and joined them in the meeting.

I was the youngest in their midst, almost all the twenty three men present were married, apart from Tony and I.

They were already seated and waiting when i arrived. I greeted everyone, murmured a quick apology before dropping a bottle of wine and whisky before them.

“we are here to discuss your issues with Tony. This really is a special case and the first time we are treating something like this. We are all brothers from different families but the same clan. We are brothers, hope i’m speaking well”
the union chairman addressed us while everyone chorused “Yes”

“now Emeka, tell us why you did something so horrible to your brother?. Why must you take away his fiancee?” he asked seriously. I stood up, breathed deeply and told them my own version of the story, hitting on the point that i only went after Jenifer after she broke up with Tony. Something that made my friend jump up with anger. “lies” he screamed. I shook my head and stared at him.

“what’s your own?, didn’t you tell me you are now marrying Irene. I don’t understand you”
i fired at him, but my words only provoked other members who all stood up and shouted at me.

Some called me a goat, others insulted my late parents which equally provoked me.

“i now see the reason behind this gathering. This is just a ploy to pour your life frustrations on me. I’m leaving” i shouted angrily, while Chief Manuel drew forward and grabbed my shirt.

“who do you think you are insulting??. You are a little boy who deserves to be taught some lessons. You will soon squander everything your dad left for you”
he barked, raising up his hand as if he was about slapping me, but luckily two men held him.

“you dared to insult us?, Chai this is incredible. I will deal with this boy if he doesn’t apologize right now” he threatened while i scoffed. Chief Manuel was nothing but a rich spare parts dealer, with shops in almost all the major Cities. He was very rich and influencial but that doesn’t stop him from displaying his illiteracy in public. He always behaved like a tout, even though he was above fifty years old.

“i’m leaving. This meeting has turned into another thing”
i hissed and tried to leave but the same Chief Manuel tried blocking me again.

“i will deal with you”
he threatened.

“not if i deal with you first”
i fired back and stormed out of the building with anger.

I was still very shaken and nervous when i got home twenty minutes later that I was even unable to hide my feelings from Jenifer who welcomed me with lively eyes.

“it didn’t end well right?”
she asked as we hugged.

“i knew it won’t end well” she breathed sadly.

However nothing extraordinary happened days after the meeting. Giving Jenifer and I the peace we badly needed to recover and move on with our lives.

I was now a lone ranger with no friends nor relatives to watch my back in the great city of Benin. All i had left was Jenifer, Joe and my gas stations but i still looked towards the positive side of life, hoping that with time my sins would be forgiven by the people i wounded.

Exactly one week later, precisely on a Saturday. I took Jenifer to my village for her to at least see some of my uncles and equally know where i came from.

It really wasn’t easy taking her home, knowing fully well that our story was already making headlines in my village.

Of course Jenifer was scared, but i strongly asked her to be strong.

“live is full of fights. You can’t survive without fighting. Fight this battle with me dear” i begged on our way to my hometown.

Luckily my uncles and cousins kept their feelings to themselves and received us politely. Nobody embarrassed Jenifer but i couldn’t help but notice the disdain On their faces.

We spent a night at my family house before heading to Jenifer’s village the next day for a little introduction to her family.

Her people received us very well, giving me the chance to reveal my intentions to them.

They all accepted me with open arms and equally asked me to come back with my people any time i was free for the proper marriage talks, but that was the big problem, how do i convince my people to follow me. My parents weren’t alive which inevitably meant i needed the help of my kinsmen who were far from pleased with me.

Unfortunately, i had to discard and lay aside my fears when we returned to my house in Benin city very late in the evening that fateful day to meet a team of policemen waiting for me.

I couldn’t believe my ears when the officer leading the squad said that they were at my house to question me concerning Chief Manuel’s disappearance.

Could you believe i was forcefully dragged to the state police headquarters like a criminal that same night.

As i alighted from my car that fateful Sunday evening, very tired and hungry from a long journey. A team of policemen instantly confronted me.

“we have information to believe that you kidnapped one Chief Manuel. We are here to search your house and take you to our station for questioning”
an elderly police inspector said to me, taking me by surprise with his words.

“Chief Manuel kidnapped?” i asked with shock.

“stop wasting our time and open up your apartment” he barked seriously, while his colleagues held their guns dangerously. I drew back and nodded at Jenifer.

“my dear, open up the house for them” i said to her, without bothering to ask the annoying policeman to produce the search warrant needed to search my house. Seriously that’s a question you dare not ask a policeman in Nigeria especially when outnumbered unless you are a powerful politician or someone with connections to the top.

Five policemen followed Jenifer to my apartment while two others searched my car. The police inspector cautiously stood with me, watching out for any funny move from me.

“seriously i don’t understand what is going on”
i complained to him.

“Chief Manuel was abducted from his house this morning and some of his brothers reported to us that you threatened to deal with him” he answered coldly.

i exclaimed,
“it was just a family gathering and we quarrelled. I didn’t fight with him alone, we all exchanged hurtful words which is very typical of family meetings. He threatened to deal with me and i threatened back. C’mon the fight was all about the lady who just went into my apartment with your men. We argued because they were against me marrying her. How can i kidnap my uncle because of that?”
i desperately explained to him, but all he did was shrug.

“i have my orders and it is to search and bring you up to the station and that’s what i’m here for” he answered coldly. I bit my lips angrily.

I was very hungry and tired after a very long journey from Jenifer’s village. In fact i was boiling inside and out.

i breathed and glanced at my watch which displayed 6:45pm.


Jenifer and the five officers who went in to search my apartment soon came out with nothing, sweating and breathing hard.
“we found nothing sir”
they said to the inspector who shrugged and faced me.

“we are going to our station. You will meet the detective handling the case there. I’m merely carrying out orders. We are from the state police headquarters, so it will be in your best interest to obey and go with us. You can speak your grammar to the detective. He will enjoy your company because he is also a lawyer who likes grammar a lot. All these book people, i’m tired of them” he said humorously, while his men laughed out hard.

I shook my head, sighed and entered my car. One of the policemen quickly joined me, while Jenifer climbed into the back seat.

“baby, please go to the house and wait for me”
i begged.

“no this is our fight. I’m fighting this battle with you remember”
she answered strongly.

“hey move this car now” the policeman with us ordered coldly, forcing me to start the engine and drive to the state police headquarters with my Jenifer on the back seat.

On getting to the police headquarters which really was very scanty due to the time of the day. We were led to a small office where i nervously sat and waited for the detective who ordered for my presence to show up.

“just relax my dear, and be polite when the officer shows up, even though i seriously think something else is going on which we are yet to understand”
Jenifer begged, softly holding my hand. I breathed deeply and shook my head.

“surely something else is going on.

This isn’t just the old fight between Tony and I” i replied quietly.

“and the chief in question do you think he can go as far as faking his own kidnap or accusing you of such crime?”
she asked curiously.

“no Chief Manuel isn’t like that. He is not the type of man to spend money on something with no gain. He has other ways of dealing with me, not this way. Moreover we only exchanged words like brothers. It wasn’t something to be taken seriously”
I answered.

“and Tony i know, won’t go as far as kidnapping just to frame you up” Jenifer added sadly.

“I think someone else is behind everything happening, and the person is so smart to cash in on the current crises to achieve what i really don’t know” i concluded.

“if really someone else is behind all these, it means the person knows you, Tony, and the chief very well” she added, dropping her eyes.

“c’mon baby cheer up” i said to her, forcing out a smile.

A middle aged man came into the room that moment, interrupting us.

“you are Mr. Emeka right?”
he asked with a strong tone which instantly made me realise he was the man we were waiting for. He was modestly dressed in white shirt and black trouser.

i nodded and stood up.
“i’m D.S.P Maku, the detective handling the kidnap of Chief Manuel but as you can see, it’s late to question you and i can’t allow you to go home”
he said seriously while i scoffed with disbelief.

“wait a minute, you can’t be serious?. Are you trying to say that i’m spending the night in this station?, for what reason?. Thank God you are a lawyer. So you have no excuse to abuse the rule of law” i shouted, surprising him.

“Your guys tore my house apart without any warrant, i kept quiet. Your men brought me here without any consideration to my feelings, i still kept quiet. But what i can’t accept is passing the night in a cell as long as you got nothing on me. Just try it and i’m going to sue you and the whole police command for abusing my human rights, Illegal detention, character assasination and anything else i can think of. I have the money and i’ll make sure i pay the press and every newpaper in the country to cover the proceedings. Yes one night, just try and make me spend one night here”
i screamed with desperation.

Deep down i was scared and afraid, wondering how i would survive the night in a place i have heard so many terrible stories about. I screamed at the officer not out of courage but fear, while Jenifer kept pinching my hand as i ranted, pleading for me to stop, but fortunately my words had a terrible effect on the officer who drew back and studied me curiously.

I saw slight fear in his eyes which gave me little hope that perhaps the young officer wouldn’t dare risk his promising career by detaining a rich proud boy over a mere accusation….

He scratched his head and breathed deeply, while i hopefully watched him. My heart pounding furiously.

“but Mr Emeka i can’t just let you go, my hands are tied. This is a kidnap case”
the officer dragged, as if he was so scared of making any decision.

“you have no strong evidence against me or do you?”
i asked offensively. He kept quiet, avoiding the question.

“It’s your decision to make, i have already told you my mind” i added strongly, while Jenifer drew close to him.

“please i beg of you, allow us to go home, Emeka isn’t the criminal you are looking for. Seriously we were just returning from my hometown when your men dragged us here. For Christ sake do the right thing” she begged, using her feminine power to work magic on the confused officer.

“fine, you guys can go and return early tomorrow, but first i need your phones and secondly i will assign an officer to keep an eye on you. He will go with you guys. Please make him comfortable”
he addressed me, but i still shook my head in protest.

“my phones, what for?” i asked with a raised tone.

“my love, give him your phones, you have nothing to hide” Jenifer begged, came forward and collected my phones.
“do you need mine as well?”
she asked the officer as she dutifully gave him my phones.


We finally left the state police headquarters an hour later, after my phones were seized and a young corporal assigned to go home with us.

However Jenifer’s phone wasn’t taken and she equally was much more relaxed and in control of her feelings. I Seriously was pissed.

“first thing tomorrow, i must have a serious chat with Tony. I just don’t understand anything again d–n”
i hissed as i drove while Jenifer tried her best to calm me.

Ooh and that night was one of the most disturbing nights of my life.
As early as 6am the next day, i freshened up and prepared myself for the long day ahead. My plans were first, to visit Tony, find a way to learn some things from him before reporting to the police station.

Jenifer however was very scared over my mood and tried her best to convince me in allowing her accompany me which i flatly rejected.

“i’m so scared honey, now not only Tony and your people are against you but equally the police. How bad can things get. Please i beg of you be very civil and diplomatic when seeing Tony, the police or anyone. I’m scared, i fear you won’t return”
she cried, shaking my spirit with her words.

“take care of the house sweetheart. Don’t go anywhere, just lock yourself inside, and when Joe shows up, tell him to keep an eye on my gas stations, i won’t want anybody planting anything there to set me up”
i seriously said to her. She nodded with tears in her eyes, drew forward and kissed me.

“i feel responsible”
she sobbed.

I swallowed with pain, turned and left without another word.

Seeing her cry always made me feel bad, then her words, “i fear you won’t return” kept ringing in my head as i drove out of my house that early Monday morning with the policeman assigned to watch me, breathing down me neck.

On getting to Tony’s house, i begged the young officer with me to wait behind in the car. He reluctantly agreed, giving me the privacy i needed to confront Tony.

I slowly made my way into the compound without anybody stopping me. I murmured some quick prayers before knocking on the front door.

Tony soon came out and stared at me with surprise.

“what are you doing here?”
he asked suspiciously.

“i came in peace bro, please i need to speak with you” i begged.

“you are not welcomed in my house, just go away.

Go with your evil spirit” he fired angrily.

“please you got to hear me out. Things has escalated from our little fight to another thing. I don’t just understand what’s going on. I’m now accused of kidnapping Chief Manuel. Please i need you to listen to me”
i begged desperately, lowering pride before him, but he kicked on it.

“i’m sorry but i don’t care.

You deserve everything happening to you. I will even testify to anyone who cares that you have the ability to kidnap the chief. Get away from my house” he barked and slammed the door on my face.

I couldn’t believe i brought myself so low before him only to be insulted like a beggar.
I shook my head, sighed and headed back to my car.

Without another word, i drove straight to the state police headquarters to confront my fate.
There wasn’t any doubt i was merely on my own, without any friend nor family to back me up.

All i had left was my guts and i prayed for it to lead me through my current crises.

My situation really was a very critical one. But one thing i promised myself was getting to the bottom of the whole affair. I swore to unravel the mystery working against me.

I swore to get the man causing all the troubles i was passing through.

A part of me felt it was Tony while a greater felt it wasn’t him.

I spent almost two hours with D.S.P Maku who took his time questioning me. I ended up telling him my story, from the very begining to the end. I hid nothing as i told him the story of my relationship with Jenifer and the aftermath of it all. He listened with great care, paying attention to every little detail.

“you have quite a story Mr Emeka and it’s just as if i have known you for a very long time. Seriously you are a sharp guy”
he said with a smile, and surprisingly we became friends instantly.

Yea my story kind of opened his mind towards me. It was as if a bond was created as i narrated the story of my life to him. Not only did he let me go, but equally offered to buy me a drink which i politely rejected.

“the only problem i’m facing right now is that many of your brothers are pointing their fingers at you, but i really have nothing to hold you on. I do pray your hands are clean just like my instinct is telling me”
he said as we shook hands when i was set to leave.

I headed home as fast as i could, to reassure, hug and kiss Jenifer. She wasn’t herself when i left hours earlier and the best i could do was to go home and be with her.

Just like i expected, i got home to see her eyes very swollen probably due to long hours of crying, but the joy of seeing me return, brightened her face, lightening up her spirit.

“I told you i got things under control. The D.S.P and i are now friends”
i breathed as i lifted her up.

“yea but it isn’t yet over my love” she replied and kissed me happily.

We later had a quiet evening in one of the restuarants in town, where we discussed our challenges, love and upcoming marriage. We were very hopeful that things would get better, but the fear in our hearts still remained, because things were far from getting better. The person trying to ruin us was still free out there and probably making more plans.


Days slowly dragged by without any news of the missing Chief. It all looked like one giant conspiracy and I never for a moment let my guard down, but then it never stopped whatever that was destined to happen from happening.

Jenifer was abducted from my house a week later.

How did it happen??

Hmmm, i guess it’s a story for another day.

Yea I know Jenifer’s abduction looks like an exaggeration to boost up the story. In fact to me it equally sounded very strange and unbelievable when i got the news as well. Now let’s go back to how it all happened.

On that fateful day, i left my house by 6:00am in order to supervise a delivery which arrived very late the previous night in one of my gas stations. However i first headed to Joe’s house with the intention of picking him up to accompany me, because i was still scared of the unknown.

But as Joe got into my car on getting to his house, i got a very shocking phone call from a friendly neighbour.

“Oga Emeka i saw you drive out minutes ago, please stay low where ever you are. Some hoodlums just got to your compound five minutes ago and they are shooting sporadically. Please stay away. I’m seeing everything from my house”
he informed me nervously while i gasped.

My mind instantly ran to Jenifer.

“oh God”
i breathed.

“please can you see their car, please i need more information” i begged desperately.

“yea they came with a red tinted Camry car. I don’t know how many of them are in the car or in your compound” he answered.

“s–t” i screamed, hung up and dialled D.S.P Maku’s phone number, equally reversing my car at the same time as if i was James Bond, while Joe stared at me curiously.
I told officer Maku of the latest development, and he assured me that his men will be at my house within minutes. I hung up and drove furiously, heading to my house as if i had nine lives.

“where are we going?, not your house of course” Joe asked with fear after listening to my conversation with Maku.
“yes and don’t try to stop me”
i replied seriously.

“this is madness, you aren’t thinking straight. Your house is the last place you should be right now”
he begged, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. My mind was only on Jenifer’s safety.

However as we got to the junction leading to my street. I got another phone call from one of the guys guarding my house.

“madam oo, madam oo. They took madam”
he cried over the Phone, confirming my fears.

Just instantly, a red tinted Camry which fitted the description of the hoodlums car, came up at the junction and headed towards the opposite direction with eye catching speed.

I quickly followed them without any care for my safety, though i kept a safe distance behind. The light morning traffic equally worsened the situation by giving the hoodlums enough space to speed dangerously.

In no time we got to Delta/Onitsha highway, without encountering a single police check point.

“i don’t understand what you are trying to do”
Joe protested seriously.

“we have a good chance of finding their hideout and solving all these mysteries once and for all by following them. This is the time to prove yourself to me”
i grinned coldly.

“we also have a good chance of losing our lives in the process. This is madness”
he lamented bitterly. I scoffed and drove on without another word.

The speeding Camry definitely held the answers i badly needed. I couldn’t afford losing it. A very risky decision.

It really was a very scary adventure with high risk of ending badly. I threw caution to the wind and followed the kidnappers, ignoring pleas from Joe to stop and make a better plan.

The red Camry soon got to a junction some kilometers into Asaba and took a sharp turn, heading right with great speed. I followed without care, increasing my speed a bit and trying hard not to lose the escaping car which really was driven by a very skilled driver.

“my problem with you is that you find it hard to take any advice from me. How do you think we will follow them all the way from Benin without being noticed??. We are heading to an unknown territory. They might be leading us to a trap”
Joe protested desperately, but i still was unmoved by his cries.

Unfortunately, he was right. I failed to realise that just as i was good with following the speeding Camry without much stress, the occupants of the car equally weren’t foolish not to notice a car following them all the way from Benin city.

In a couple of minutes we got to a very lonely road typical of most Nigerian villages. The Camry increased its speed forcing me to increase mine, but it was a very silly mistake that almost cost me everything.

Not being familiar with road, i failed to notice a sharp bend and bump ahead, which forced me to step on my brakes as i almost lost control of my car on getting to the spot with full speed.

Just that same moment, I saw the red Camry, turn and head towards us. I had no time to control my car, stop, reverse and flea. All i did was gasp desperately as the Camry car closed in on us.

The lonely road was very clear and empty, a very good place to commit a crime without being undetected.

I saw death before my very eyes.

“oh noooo”
Joe screamed, opened the door by his side and dived into the nearby bush, surprisingly leaving me to my fate. I nervously tried to do a skillful maneuver but it yielded no positive result.

The Camry, quickly blocked me while its occupants jumped out with guns ready to shoot.

“get out”
three voices screamed at me.

I quickly switched off my car, climbed out and surrendered by raising up my hands, my heart pounding furiously.

“Welcome to your death, foolish man”
one of the thugs said to me. I instantly felt hot water run down my trouser. I never knew when i urinated on myself.

Joe was nowhere to save my a-s. Of course he warned me and by the look of things wasn’t ready to die with a foolish man like me.

I was expertly sent on my knees by a nasty kick from the thug who earlier called me a fool. I shivered and looked on, so scared to even breathe. It just looked as if i was facing a firing squad.

Another thug quickly came forward with something which looked like a perfume, spit on me and sprayed the chemical over my face. I quickly became unconscious, waking hours later to find myself inside a large room built with mud….

The mud house was exactly like the type seen in old native films or in some villages yet to move on with development. However it had good ventilation and cracks through which sunlight came in, making the place less scary. But the surprising part of it all was seeing Jenifer, Chief Manuel and Tony inside the same room as i slowly opened my eyes.

It all looked like a dream, i couldn’t believe myself.

“thank God you are awake”
Jenifer murmured with excitement and quickly helped me sit up. I stared at Chief Manuel and Tony who sat together at the far end of the room as if they were ghosts
“how many of us are in this room?”
i weakly asked Jenifer. She nervously smiled, throwing a look at them.

“your kidnapped uncle, Tony and I are in here with you” she answered softly.

I quickly broke free from her, headed to the locked door and tried to break it with the little strength i had left.

“that’s a very silly thing to do. We are in the heart of a forest, probably near a creek. Don’t try using up your last strength, believe me you will need it. A guy is also outside watching us, he won’t hesitate sending you back to sleep with their nasty chemical. Better relax” Chief Manuel said to me, chilling my heart with the painful revelation. I swallowed hard, turned and stared at Jenifer who nodded with tears.

I threw another look at Tony, not knowing what to make of the things happening to all of us. I truly was astonished seeing him held in the same room, but couldn’t say anything to him since he felt like ignoring me.
I drew close and hugged Jenifer.

Have you ever been in a life threatening situation with the people you care about?. If yes, then you surely will understand how i felt that moment.

Who the hell kidnapped all of us???

“don’t tell me you won’t speak to Tony even in this situation”
Jenifer asked me with a smile, desperately trying to make peace between us.

I breathed deeply, forced out a smile and stared at Tony who quickly looked away.
“seriously i’m amazed to see you right here. I thought you were the guy plotting everything?”
i asked him curiously. Chief Manuel scoffed and shook his head while Tony ignored me by saying nothing.

“Since you are not the person behind this drama, who then could it be??, moreover how did you get here. I thought only Chief Manuel was kidnapped?” i asked him curiously.

“just shut up and keep quiet. I don’t have your time”
he finally responded coldly.

“Tony was brought in here hours before you guys came in. So save your breathe young man. I eat only once in a day and i don’t know if your own fate will be worst. Mind you they are not holding us for ransom. Something big is going down”
Chief Manuel advised seriously. I swallowed hard and gently sat on the floor, extremely scared and nervous.

“do you think they are going to kill us?”
i asked fearfully.

“I think so, since we weren’t kidnapped for ransom. Moreover the guy watching us doesn’t bother to hide his identity or cover his face”
the chief answered weakly.

“i have been here for many days and i can tell you it’s terrible. I haven’t poured water on my body since i got here.

To urinate, you have to shout and shout until the silly boy outside decides to open the door” he concluded sadly.

“this is ridiculous, we have to do something, we can’t just sit and wait for death. After all we aren’t tied”
i said desperately.
“do you think our captors are silly to leave us untied?. We are in the middle of nowhere, surrendered by forest and swamps”
Tony cut in a raised tone.

“I admire your courage, but i’m too weak to join in such adventure. I have already said my last prayers” Chief Manuel added with resignation, while tears freely fell from Jenifer’s eyes.

“we are all dying together” she cried sorrowfully, and of course she was very right. We all might be dying together but i was certain of one thing.

I knew the person behind the whole drama would reveal himself before executing us….

Nightfall slowly approached, drawing more fear into my heart as darkness gradually filled up everywhere. We all sat on the bare floor, so tired, hungry and hopeless. We weren’t given even a cup of water all through that fateful day.

“i think the end has come. They failed bringing even a cup of water for me” Chief Manuel said to himself, while i caressed Jenifer’s hand with tension.

But before darkness could totally cover up the whole room, our prison door opened, revealing the man behind everything to us. His name was Chuk Noris.

We all gasped with shock on seeing him.

He no other person but a member of our community, though not related to any of us but well known.. He was a very popular rascal who terrorized our community some years back when i was still a student, but was among the group of men who left the country with Tony to hustle abroad. Unfortunately things didn’t go well for him over there and nobody heard from him again till that very moment we saw him walk into the room.

We never for a moment suspected he was back in the country, moreover he failed to show up at his father’s burial late last year. His father was my late dad’s friend and died after struggling to manage diabetics which ate up one of his legs. He died after unsuccessfully struggling to raise money for surgery. It really was a painful and long story.

Chief Manuel was the first to jump up with fear on seeing him. The look on his face clearly showed that they had some unresolved issues, likewise Tony who froze with fear on seeing him. But what i couldn’t figure out was my business with him that warranted kidnapping Jenifer. We weren’t age mates, nor friends, neither did we do any business together.

“chuck Norris, what’s the meaning of this?”
Chief Manuel asked with fear.

“relax, we have enough time. You will all hear your sins. My sojourn in Europe taught me a lot. It taught me never to fail getting back on anyone that hurt me. This is a revenge mission. Relax”
he smiled coldly and licked his lips…….

Chuck really had a bad heart, there wasn’t any doubt he was going to kill us but i just couldn’t wait to ask what i did to him nor allow him to hurt Jenifer without a fight.

“now let’s get to why you guys are here” Chuck addressed us coldly, while we all listened with rapt attention.

“i’m solely doing this because you guys turned your backs on my late father. You all watched him die without raising a finger to help. You all stood and watched while the old man suffered horrible pain and hardship. All he needed was just three hundred thousand Naira {N300,000}. Roughly two thousand dollars or less for surgery. He begged you Chief Manuel, he begged you Tony, he equally begged you Emeka, but you all told him to go to hell. He tried everything possible to borrow money from you guys but no, his life wasn’t worth such amount of money.” he poured out hoarsely, drawing more fear from us with his outburst.

I instantly remembered his father.

I remembered how the old man virtually knelt before me, begging for a hundred and fifty thousand Naira which he promised would be settled by his son Chuck whenever he comes home. I couldn’t give him the money because i was scared that i wasn’t going to get it back, because i never trusted Chuck and none of his other children were capable of paying back such amount. But seriously i never knew the old man was dying.

“oh now i see, you guys are now quiet huh?”
he continued coldly, drew close to Chief Manuel, held him by the collar and jerked him up. Of course Chuk Noris had the strength of a horse.

“my dad came to you for help, after turning him back many times, you had to deceive him into giving you his only land, yet instead of the three hundred thousand Naira he asked for, all you could give him was a hundred and twenty thousand Naira, forcing him to fall on my old friend Tony”
he coldly said to the scared Chief before facing Tony who couldn’t utter a single word.

“i’m always the bad guy. I’m the rascal in everything. But you Tony, you got me in the situation that made helping my father impossible. We ran a deal in Italy, you snitched on us. You snitched on your friends, made a deal with the Italian police, faked an ambush and made it look as if the authorities seized everything. You ran back to Nigeria to enjoy while we shed blood down there. Yet you found it hard to lend a hundred and fifty thousand Naira to my father after learning of his condition. Yes i’m always the bad guy”
he said to him coldly before facing Jenifer and I….

“oh Lord what’s your own crime” Jenifer cried, holding me tightly. I closed my eyes and said my last prayers. I knew for certain that revenge never ends well.

Things were surely more terrible than I expected. We all deserved to pay. No doubt.

“and you Emma, a small boy with no conscience. You couldn’t help out an old man who was your father’s friend just because you wanted to buy a tanker. Now where is the Tanker?.” he asked coldly, laughed, ignored Jenifer and faced Chief Manuel again.
“you are not of any use to me anymore. I was able to get three million naira from your family without the police knowing”
he addressed him, breathed deeply and looked at me again.

“i have your ATM cards, likewise Tony’s.

I hope there won’t be a problem getting the pass codes tomorrow?” he asked but we all kept quiet, saying nothing.

“believe me, it pains me to do this but i have profit to make and my boys to settle. Do have a wonderful night. Today might be your last night” he concluded, headed out, locked the door and left us very scared to even say anything to each other.

The room was totally quiet like a cemetery for minutes after he left, before i bravely cleared my throat.

“it’s obvious we are all going to die. It’s better we turn things around by trying to escape, since we got nothing to lose trying?”
i asked with little hope.

“i don’t have the strength. I told you already that there’s a guy positioned outside to watch us”
Chief Manuel answered weakly, while Tony kept quiet, annoying me with his silence.

“relax my love, whatever will be, will be”
Jenifer whispered to me. I bit my lips and thought about my life. Tears freely fell from my eyes.

In three hours, the whole place was in total darkness, with cries from animals making the night more scary. Jenifer soon slept on my arms while Tony and Chief Manuel snored as if they were having a snoring competition.

I was far from being comfortable and the fear of dying equally shut out sleep from my body.

I prayed to God, begging him to forgive and grant me a new chance. I promised to become a good Christian if only i get out of the present situation.

“dear lord give me another chance.

I can’t die now. Don’t allow me to die prematurely like my parents. I will worship you for the rest of my life if i get away from here.

I will start going to church. I will spread and honour your holy name” i sobbed seriously.

I was still crying and praying when someone noiselessly broke into the hut with a torch light, flashing the light over our faces. I froze with fear, not knowing what to make of it.

“It’s your man Joe. I’m here to get you out. I’m here to finish my job”
i heard Joe say softly. Tears of joy instantly replaced the painful tears i was shedding. I couldn’t believe it was real.

“how the hell did you get here?, did you bring the police?” i asked curiously.
“no i didn’t bring the police because of so many reasons. I also never left when i ran away. It was just a tactical strategy. The boys searched for me but couldn’t get me. Let’s move fast. There’s no mobile network down here and the terrain is very bad. Seriously i don’t know how far we can get, because we are in the middle of nowhere with just two torch lights”
he said, drew forward and woke Jenifer.

“i have another Torch light in my back pocket. Take it and let’s move” he said quietly.

“i’m not leaving without my two brothers. I have to wake them as well”
i said, got up and headed towards Tony.

“they are going to slow us down sir. It really wasn’t easy knocking out the only guy watching this place and getting the key.

Have you imagined what will happen if we are caught?” Joe asked desperately, but i paid no attention to him and did my mind by waking Tony and the Chief.

In no time we were out of the hut, but then it was one thing to escape from captivity and another thing to get to safety. It was one night of hell in the dark forest. We got lost a hundred times, trying to find another escape route in the thick mangrove forest…

“and you Emeka, a small boy with no conscience. You couldn’t help out an old man who was your father’s friend just because you wanted to buy a tanker. Now where is the Tanker?.” he asked coldly, laughed, ignored Jenifer and faced Chief Manuel again.

“you are not of any use to me anymore. I was able to get three million naira from your family without the police knowing”
he addressed him, breathed deeply and looked at me again.

“i have your ATM cards, likewise Tony’s. I hope there won’t be a problem getting the pass codes tomorrow?”
he asked but we all kept quiet, saying nothing.

“believe me, it pains me to do this but i have profit to make and my boys to settle.

Do have a wonderful night. Today might be your last night” he concluded, headed out, locked the door and left us very scared to even say anything to each other.

The room was totally quiet like a cemetery for minutes after he left, before i bravely cleared my throat.

“it’s obvious we are all going to die. It’s better we turn things around by trying to escape, since we got nothing to lose trying?” i asked with little hope.

“i don’t have the strength. I told you already that there’s a guy positioned outside to watch us”
Chief Manuel answered weakly, while Tony kept quiet, annoying me with his silence.

“relax my love, whatever will be, will be”
Jenifer whispered to me. I bit my lips and thought about my life. Tears freely fell from my eyes.

In three hours, the whole place was in total darkness, with cries from animals making the night more scary. Jenifer soon slept on my arms while Tony and Chief Manuel snored as if they were having a snoring competition. I was far from being comfortable and the fear of dying equally shut out sleep from my body.

I prayed to God, begging him to forgive and grant me a new chance. I promised to become a good Christian if only i get out of the present situation.

“dear lord give me another chance. I can’t die now. Don’t allow me to die prematurely like my parents. I will worship you for the rest of my life if i get away from here. I will start going to church. I will spread and honour your holy name”
i sobbed seriously.

I was still crying and praying when someone noiselessly broke into the hut with a torch light, flashing the light over our faces. I froze with fear, not knowing what to make of it.

“It’s your man Joe. I’m here to get you out. I’m here to finish my job” i heard Joe say softly. Tears of joy instantly replaced the painful tears i was shedding. I couldn’t believe it was real.

“how the hell did you get here?, did you bring the police?”
i asked curiously.

“no i didn’t bring the police because of so many reasons. I also never left when i ran away. It was just a tactical strategy. The boys searched for me but couldn’t get me. Let’s move fast. There’s no mobile network down here and the terrain is very bad. Seriously i don’t know how far we can get, because we are in the middle of nowhere with just two torch lights” he said, drew forward and woke Jenifer.

“i have another Torch light in my back pocket. Take it and let’s move” he said quietly.

“i’m not leaving without my two brothers. I have to wake them as well” i said, got up and headed towards Tony.

[b] “they are going to slow us down sir. It really wasn’t easy knocking out the only guy watching this place and getting the key.

Have you imagined what will happen if we are caught?” Joe asked desperately, but i paid no attention to him and did my mind by waking Tony and the Chief.

In no time we were out of the hut, but then it was one thing to escape from captivity and another thing to get to safety. It was one night of hell in the dark forest. We got lost a hundred times, trying to find another escape route in the thick mangrove forest…

It really was a terrible experience trying to find our way out of the thick forest. The land was so wet, slippery, water logged and dangerous.
Joe led us on and on, but the more we walked the more confused and lost we got. At a point it looked as if we were just going round in circles.

“seriously i thought we could find another way out, instead of the path i took when coming for you guys. It was just a silly mistake, now we are lost”
Joe finally said with resignation as we got to another bush path that led to nowhere.

“no we can’t be lost, let’s continue moving” i insisted and took the lead, but unfortunately i never knew a deep hole filled with water just like a bad gutter was ahead.

I simply walked into it and almost drowned.

My terrible shout instantly filled the air, rattling everyone including forest animals.

Joe, Jenifer, Tony and the Chief quickly assisted in getting me out, but my scream not only rattled forest animals but equally gave away our position to Chuk’s men who were now looking for us.

A gunshot was fired at our position just as i was dragged out of the pit. Dozens of lights quickly flashed from afar, signalling us to run as fast as we could.

To cut short the long story, we finally found a way out after roaming the forest for almost three hours. Chief Manuel got his leg broken, after slipping as we crossed a small creek. Jenifer equally had long scratches all over her body but it wasn’t life threatening nor poisonous. The rest of us were fine but exhausted.

“we are not yet safe. This is a small village and the guys after us are probably from this area. We need to hide to till dawn”
Joe said seriously, breathing hard as he looked around.

“i just don’t know where we can hide, we still have lots of time before dawn approaches” he added as he checked his phone, which still had no signal.

Quietly we moved into the village, looking for a place to hide and luckily for us nobody saw us until we got to a small catholic church in the middle of the village.

“thank God”
i breathed as we got to the open church, almost running inside with excitement.

“not so fast. This is the only open place we have seen so far. Even a child will search here when looking for us. I bet the guys will be here, if they can’t find us in the forest. Let’s go to the locked chapel behind. We will break in and lock it from inside. Nobody is silly enough to break into a chapel, so i think we will be safe there if eventually the thugs show up”
Joe said seriously.

“holy Mary!, break into a chapel?, God forbid” Jenifer cried.

“God is very Merciful. He will understand” Joe answered, moved forward and broke the chapel lock without hesitation. We all went in, locked ourselves inside and hid, praying for dawn to approach quickly.

An hour later, we heard noises and saw torch lights being flashed at the Church….

“They are here”
Tony breathed.

“you guys should quickly hide under the pews” Joe said quietly, pulled out his pistol, cocked and held it at ready.

“don’t tell me you plan shooting inside a chapel?” Jenifer asked, annoying me with the question.

“for goodness sake, keep quiet. This man is trying his best to save our lives. Do you think what he’s doing is easy?”
i quickly cautioned and silenced her. But luckily the thugs moved away after taking a look at the church. We all heaved a sigh of relief.

“thank God they are gone”
Tony breathed.

“we wait here till dawn, then I’ll go get help” Joe added softly.

“thank you bro. I owe you a lot”
i said to him with all my heart.

“now it’s time we fully settle our quarrels and make peace with each other. God gave us a second chance to live, and there won’t be a problem giving each other a second chance by forgiving and forgetting our past mistakes and fights. We are in the house of God. A very good place to settle everything” Jenifer suddenly said, while i scoffed.

“not again ” i breathed.

She ignored my comment, faced Tony and kept quiet for some seconds.

“i’m sorry for everything i did to you, please forgive me. Erase the bad feelings you have for me from your heart. I beg of you”
she pleaded meekly. Tony cleared his throat.

“Jenifer all that happened between us is now a thing of the past. You can’t imagine how happy i’m being alive. You can’t imagine how lucky i’m right now. That guy would have slit my throat over what happened in Europe he never got to understand. Of course i forgive, i also forgive my pig head brother Emeka. I have nothing against anybody. I’m so glad to be alive” he answered seriously, leaving me with guilt which forced me to say something.

“I don’t know what to say Tony, believe me it wasn’t easy being without a friend and brother like you. I won’t apologise right here but will do it in a big way when we get out of this jungle”
i said to him with respect. Joe and the chief simply listened, saying nothing to us…

By 6am, we all ran to the parish house where a very shocked priest received and entertained us before driving us back to Benin city with the parish bus.

Oh we were lucky to be alive, lucky to escape from the pit of hell. It was a terrible experience. But we weren’t still safe because our captor knew a lot about us and was still free out there probably looking for a means to get us back….

On getting to Benin, we headed straight to the police station where we narrated our ordeal to DSP Maku. He quickly swung into action by contacting his colleagues in Delta State.

Chief Manuel and Jenifer went to hospital afterwards, while the police, Tony, Joe and i headed back to the village where we were held captive after getting enough details from the priest who declined going with us for his own safety.

Unfortunately we never found my car nor got any of the thugs when we arrived the village. We searched everywhere but got nothing.

That was how I lost my Tanker and car in just few weeks, but thank God i still had my life to live. I was given a second opportunity to live a very clean Christian life.

Joe became much more than a bodyguard to me from that day. We became so close like family. He became the brother i never had.

My close ally and everything.

As for Chuck Noris, he was never caught.

A situation which made all of us very scared, because he had the means and power to strike back at any time. His sojourn in Europe really made him a master of crime.

I hosted a big get together at my house, three days after our miraculous escape from captivity. I organised a big party for my townsmen, using the opportunity to apologize to everyone especially Tony who hugged me at the end of the day. It was just so wonderful.

Finally, Jenifer and I got married two months later in a quiet ceremony. We rushed everything because she found out she was pregnant four weeks after the terrible adventure, but unfortunately she lost the baby four days after our wedding. A situation that broke our hearts and prompted a very hasty decision from me.

I decided to move out of Benin city with her.

I quickly made plans and arrangements.

A month later, we arrived South Africa to start a new life, leaving behind my two gas stations and house under Joe’s care.

Jenifer had difficulty getting pregnant again, but we were finally blessed with a cute baby boy through surgery a year later. However it came with a big price.

She will never conceive again, but I still do love her. I do love my family. They are all i got.

Love is a beautiful thing but sometimes it comes with great price and complications.

We are in Africa, please love reasonably………..



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