Microsoft Word Basics for Beginners


Microsoft word basics for beginners, as a computer novice or beginner, it’s compulsory to learn, understand the pros and cons of Microsoft Word Package very well. Microsoft word is one of the best and popular Microsoft Office Package use for generating document in a neater form.  Microsoft word provides lots of features used for editing and presenting neat documents than other word processing packages you may think of.

So, in today’s article on Microsoft word, we’ve made its basics clear and well understandable to all computer newbie worldwide. Below are the topics we shall be talking about on Microsoft Word.


I’m going to teach you everything about What is Microsoft Word, How to Load Microsoft Word, Understanding the Microsoft Word Window and Features, How to Start Creating a Document, Set a Document Paper Size, How to Set Your Orientation, How to Set Your Margin, How to Save a Document in Microsoft Word, How to Close a Document and How to Exit from Microsoft Word.


What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processing application package, used for the production of document. The word “word processing application package” simply means programs that are used to produce a typed set document. Examples of packages that can also be use for the production of documents are:

  1. Microsoft word
  2. Notepad
  3. WordPad
  4. Word Write etc.

How to Load Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word Basics for Beginners)

  1. Go to Start Button
  2. Point to All Program
  3. Click on Microsoft Office
  4. Click on Microsoft Word

Understanding the Microsoft Word Screen and Features / Elements

Microsoft Word features made up the Microsoft Word Window. Below is a diagram showing Microsoft Word screen and its respective features/elements.

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a. Title Bar

This bar is a tiny bar found at the top of your computer program displays screen. Title bar shows the name of the current program that is active to you and also the current file name you are working with.

b. Menu Bar

It is the overall important bar found on a every program. It is located under title bar. Each menu tab or bar carries its own genuine information to display.

c. Standard / Formatting Bar

This bar provides tools used for beautifying a typed document. This bar is located beneath the menu bar with lots of ribbons.

d. Control Buttons

The Control Buttons are buttons located at the top right corner of your displayed Microsoft word window. They are mainly used to control the display view of your window. These buttons are three (3) signs with different command functions such as minimize, maximize/restore down and close.

e. Zoom Tool

Zoom tool is use to view a document word in large and smaller views. It contains a minus sign (-) use for making a page document words looks smaller and a plus sign (+) use for make a words look bigger.

f. Status Bar

The status bar is a tiny horizontal bar located at the top of your taskbar. The status bar mainly displays the number of pages you have, number of words in your document.

g. Scroll Button

This button gives you the access of viewing the down and up area of your document pages.

h. Ruler Bar

A vertical tiny bar located at the left end of your document. It gives your page a measurement scale to fit where you typed word starts from in a document.

i. Page Layout View

The page layout view display the five kinds of views in Microsoft word such as: print layout, full screen reading, web layout, outline and draft.

How to Start Creating a Document (Microsoft Word Basics for Beginners)

Before you start creating your document, you must set up your page size first. It’s important you apply the page size format needed for the kind of work you want to do.

How to Set Up Your Page Size in Microsoft Word

  1. Click on page layout
  2. Click on size (e.g. A4, A5, A3 etc.)

How to Set Up Orientation in Microsoft Word

  1. Click on page layout
  2. Click on orientation
  3. Click on either landscape or portrait based on your choice

How to Set Up Margin in Microsoft Word

  1. Click on page layout
  2. Click on margin (default margin is “NORMAL”)

How to Save a Document in Microsoft Word

It’s important you save your work properly for future use. Saving your document also gives you assurance of getting back the work whenever you need it.

To save follow this:

  2. Click on SAVE AS (then a “Save As” dialog box appears)
  3. On the file name area TYPE in the NAME you wish to use to SAVE your work
  4. Click on SAVE

Subsequent or Additional Saving

An additional saving is referred to CONTROL + S. After saving your work and wish to make more addition to your document, you must include the command CONTROL + S in order to SAVE together the NEWLY typed WORDS to the previous ones.

How to Close a Document

Assuming we are working with two (2) document windows and wishes to close one of the document. To close follow this:

  2. Click on CLOSE

How to exit from Microsoft Word

  2. Click on EXIT WORDS


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