Microsoft Excel Basics for Beginners


Microsoft Excel basic tutorials, in this computer modern age, we found out that many people find it so difficult by understanding the Microsoft Excel Basics. So, in this article we have break down the excel basics in an understandable way for beginners and computer literates.

Below are topics we are going to talk about in this article. After you finishes reading this unique article about excel basics, then, you will have no fear or doubt about the Microsoft Excel Package.


Things to learn in this article are What Is Microsoft Excel, How to Load Ms Excel, Understanding the Excel Window and its Three (3) Main Special Features, Understanding the meaning of Excel Spreadsheet or Worksheet, Column Line, Row Line, Cell, Active Cell, What is a Cell Address or Reference, Understanding the Excel Ribbons, Creating A New (Blank) Excel Worksheet, How to Enter Data in an Excel Spreadsheet, Using of Formulas in Excel, How to Close Current Excel Spreadsheet and Exiting From Excel Package.



What is Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a window spreadsheet application used for making mathematical calculations. A spreadsheet do contains text and numbers entered by a computer user, and these values are referred to as raw data, also can contains a derived data which are calculated from the raw data.



How to Load MS Excel

Loading your Microsoft Excel program is as simple as A,B,C.  Whenever you load your MS Excel, it comes with a blank worksheet and three (3) sheet tabs. The guideline below also applies to other Microsoft Office Program.  To load the excel program follow this steps below:

  1. Click on start button
  2. Point to all program
  3. Click on Microsoft Office
  4. Click on Microsoft Excel


Understanding the Excel Window

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Three (3) Special Features / Elements of Excel Window

  1. Name box: The name box displays the name of the current cell you are working with.
  2. Formular bar: The formula bar is used for entering of formulas. E.g. data
  3. Sheets Tab: This tab is like a page, representing each spreadsheet or working in your excel. You can insert as many sheet tab you wish to insert in your excel.


Excel Spreadsheet or Worksheet

An excel worksheet or workbook is like a tabular form, a very large one at that, so you need not to create a table in microsoft excel like you create in microsoft word, while because in appearance, a worksheet looks exactly like a table. These worksheet contains a column line, row line and a cell. These column, row and cell make up your excel worksheet.


Column Line

A column line is a vertical line, drawn from top to bottom, while the alphabets are known as a column header. The worksheet or workbook contains a total column of 256 in a single worksheet. The label for 27th column is AA, while the 53rd column is BA and so on till the 256th column which is IV.


Row Line

A row line is a horizontal line, drawn from left to right. The serial numbers on the excel worksheet are used as a row header to label the row lines. There are 65,536 rows in a single worksheet or workbook. The first row line in your excel worksheet is label 1, while the last row is 65,536.



A cell is are boxes made for data entering in your excel worksheet. The intersection between your column line and row line make up a cell box in excel worksheet.


Active Cell

An active cell simply means the cell which you are working with. It been indicated by a black border on a cell.


What is Cell Address or Cell Reference

A cell address or reference is a name given to an individual cell. Each cell in the excel worksheet has it own name, which is known as a cell address or cell reference. The cell address are used to represent datas (numbers) in a table.


Creating A New (Blank) Excel Worksheet (Microsoft Excel Basic Tutorials)

A new or blank excel worksheet simply means a worksheet that contains no data in it. Let’s assume that we have data in our excel worksheet and you wish to start your work with a new or blank worksheet, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Office Button
  2. Click on New
  3. A NEW WORKBOOK dialog box appears
  4. Click on create to get a new worksheet or workbooks


How to Enter Data in Excel Worksheet

Entering of data in excel can be of different types such as: numbers, text, date or time. To enter any of these data in excel worksheet follow this:

  1. Click on the cell where you want to start entering data
  2. Type in the data (numbers, text, date or time)
  3. Press ENTER button or TAB button to move to the next cell


Using of Formula

Formulas are equations that are used to perform calculations on values in your worksheet.  A formula in your excel must starts with equal sign (=). So, in the definition of MS Excel, we learnt that excel is used for mathematical calculations, which the use of formulas must be involved. In excel there are types of formulas which are: sum, minimum, maximum, mode, median, average, count etc.

See how to address formulas in excel cell using cell address: e.g.

  1. =sum(b3:e3) this formula is representing SUM or Addition
  2. =max(b3:e3) this formula is representing MAXIMUM
  3. =min(b3:e3) this formula is representing MINIMUM
  4. =mode(b3:e3) this formula is representing MODE
  5. =average(b3:e3) this formula is representing AVERAGE
  6. =median(b3:e3) this formula is representing MEDIAN
  7. =counta(b3:e3) this formula is representing COUNTA



  A B C D E F
1 Names of student MS Word Ms Excel Ms PowerPoint Total Average
2 Tochezy Ernest 56 76 78 =sum(b2:d2) =average(b2:d2)
3 Blessing Mbamalu 55 64 55 =sum(b3:d3) =average(b3:d3)
4 Aunty Ann 54 63 63 =sum(b4:d4) =average(b4:d4)
5 Ifebuche Eya 66 74 55 =sum(b5:d5) =average(b5:d5)
6 Endurance Obilali 55 36 67 =sum(b6:d6) =average(b6:d6)
7 Ibrahim Mohammed 44 45 35 =sum(b7:d7) =average(b7:d7)


Click on cell E2: Type in the formula there and press ENTER button etc.

Click on cell F2: Type in the formula there and press ENTER button etc.


How to Close Current Excel Spreadsheet

Assuming you are working with any of your excel window and wishes to close the current worksheet and work with another new or blank worksheet. The step below will guide you.

  2. Click on CLOSE


Exiting From Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Excel Basic Tutorials)

To exit from Microsoft Excel simply means to quit out from the program entirely. To perform this function, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your OFFICE / FILE BUTTON
  2. Click on EXIT (note that if you’ve not saved the document, a dialog box displays to you, asking you whether to save, cancel or quit). To Save (Yes) the recent changes, click on save but if you don’t want to save it click No. But if you still wish to continue with that current document, click on Cancel.


The program MICROSOFT EXCEL is mainly based on mathematical calculations only, and with this tutorials, you’ll be perfect in Microsoft Excel program very well. Study carefully to become an expert in Microsoft Excel.


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