List of 65 Tool Bar in CorelDraw


Tool bar in coreldraw, it’s quite interesting to know the names of CorelDraw tool bar as a computer literate or novices. CorelDraw is an interesting program to learn and a large one at that.

CorelDraw makes graphics works easier for you, and provides great tools for doing this work. You can use this program for designing of wedding cards, birthday cards, company letterhead paper, memo, invoice, etc through the help of this tool bars.


In this present computer generation, I found out that not all computer literate or newbie’s knows the pros and cons of CorelDraw tool bar. So we’ve outline a total of 62 tool bars present in CorelDraw.



  1. Pick tool (This tool is used for deactivating any active tool)
  2. Shape tool (shortcut, F10)
  3. Smudge brush
  4. Roughen brush
  5. Free transform tool
  6. Crop tool
  7. Knife tool
  8. Eraser tool (shortcut, X)
  9. Virtual segment delete
  10. Zoom tool
  11. Hand tool
  12. Freehand tool (shortcut, F5)
  13. Bezier tool
  14. Artistic media tool (shortcut, I)
  15. Pen tool
  16. Polyline tool
  17. 3 point curve tool
  18. Interactive connector tool
  19. Dimension tool
  20. Smart fill tool
  21. Smart drawing tool (shortcut, shift +S)
  22. Rectangle tool (shortcut, F6)
  23. 3 point rectangle tool
  24. Ellipse tool (shortcut, F7)
  25. 3 point ellipse tool
  26. Polygon tool (shortcut, Y)
  27. Star tool
  28. Complex star tool
  29. Graph paper tool (shortcut, D)
  30. Spiral tool (shortcut, A)
  31. Basic shapes
  32. Arrow shapes
  33. Flowchart shapes
  34. Banner shapes
  35. Callout shapes
  36. Text tool (shortcut, F8)
  37. Interactive blend tool
  38. Interactive contour tool
  39. Interactive distortion tool
  40. Interactive drop shadow tool
  41. Interactive envelop tool
  42. Interactive extrude tool
  43. Interactive transparency tool
  44. Eyedropper tool
  45. Paint bucket tool
  46. Outline tool
  47. Outlined pen dialog (shortcut, F12)
  48. Outlined colour dialog (shortcut, Shift + F12)
  49. No outline (this tool is use for removing an outline from a shape or text)
  50. Hairline outline
  51. ½ point outline
  52. 1 point outline
  53. 2 point outline (Thin)
  54. 8 point outline (medium)
  55. 16 point outline (medium-thin)
  56. 24 point outline (thick)
  57. Fill tool
  58. Fill colour dialog (shortcut, Shift + F11)
  59. Fountain fill dialog (shortcut, F11)
  60. Pattern fill dialog
  61. Texture fill dialog
  62. PostScript fill dialog
  63. No fill (this tool is use for clearing a fill colour in a shape)
  64. Interactive fill tool (shortcut, G)
  65. Interactive mesh fill tool (shortcut, M)



The toolbar are the key important bars in CorelDraw that enable you to work on CorelDraw program easy and fast. I suggest you study and know the use of this toolbar at least 95% good in using this toolbar in your CorelDraw



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