How to Set Up a Password to a Document in Word


How to set up password for word document, most importantly, it’s necessary to apply a password to your important documents for security reasons. Just as you secure a Smartphone by putting password to it, you can also do same in confidential documents in Microsoft Word.

When you password your document with your own required password you wish to use, no one can have access to that document except he or she apply the correct password used by you to secure that document.


I’m quite sure that your reason of accessing this article from the Google Search Engine Ranks or anywhere else is to learn how a password can be applied on a document.  Don’t panic because you’ve gotten the right guides on this article.


Now let’s show you what seems desperate to learn here on this article. Below is the Table of Content to talk about here.



  1. How to Password a Document
  2. How to Remove a Password from a Passworded Document


How To Password A Document in Word

1. After you’ve finished typing your document, click on Office Button of File Button

2. Click on Save As (The Save Asdialog box will appear to you)

3. On the displayed dialog box located the word TOOLS close to the Save Button.

4. Click on Tools

5. Click on General Options and its dialog box will appear to you. (There you will find the word Password to Open” and “Password to Modify”).

6. Type in the password you wish to use under “Password to Open” (this means the password which you’ll be using to OPEN your work. E.g. techprof

7. Then, under the password to Modify, you can still use the exact password you use on “Password to Open” or better still use a different password again. After that,

8. Click on OK

9. Re-enter the Password to Open and

10. Click on OK

11. Re-enter the Password to Modify and click on OK (the system will take you back to the Save As dialog box.

12. Then, click on OK for Final Saving.

Note: After all this is done, try closing your document and re-open it. If you try doing so, the system will ask for a Password to Open and Password to Modify. By applying the correct password, your document will surely open successfully.


How to Remove a Password from a Passworded Document

It’s for sure that you can later decide not to be using the password on that your document again and wishes to remove it. To do this follow the below steps:

  1. Open your document
  2. Click on Office Button or File Button
  3. Click on Save As (the save as dialog box displays)
  4. Click on Tools
  5. Click on General Options (the general options dialog box appears)
  6. Delete the password in the Password to Open and Password to Modify area box.
  7. Click on OK
  8. Click on Save (To check if it’s no longer on a password again, close the document and re-open it again).

You can also use this whole steps to apply and to remove a password to a document in Microsoft Excel as well.

We’re sure this tutorial is really helpful to you.


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