How to Find and Replace Text in CorelDraw


How to Find and replace text in CorelDraw, finding and replacement of text seems to be very easy and fast in multiple words. You can search for any text for replacement in CorelDraw work.

The word “Find” and “Replace” are different commands entirely. You can decide to find a text using the Find Text command, but this won’t give you the access of replacing the find text, but only to find by making the text highlighted.


Note: The find and replace command can be done in artistic text and paragraph text. So we’re going to show you how the both can be done using the two text format.



To perform the Find Text Command in Artistic Text Format

Assuming we want to replace the word Technology from the diagram below, you’ll follow the below steps:


1. Click on Edit Menu

2. Point to Find and Replace

3. There you’ll see the word “Find Text”


4. Click on it (it will display the Find Text dialog box for you).

5. Type in the word you want to Find

6. Click on Find Next, immediately CorelDraw highlights that exact word for you.


The Find Text Command in Paragraph Text Format

Before such task can be achieve in the paragraph text format, you’ll need to make your blinking cursor active inside the multiple text by double-clicking on the paragraph text format dotted square box.

After you’ve achieve this process by making the cursor or insertion point active in it, shown in the image below:

Then follow the steps below:

1. Go to Edit

2. Click on Find and Replace

3. Click on Find Text

4. Provide the word you want to find by typing the name, after that

5. Click on Find Next, then the CorelDraw displays a notice to you on the Find and Replace dialog box saying “find has reached the end of the text. Do you want to continue the search from the beginning of the text?

6. Click on YES, and then find text will be selected or highlighted.


Now, let’s show you how you can find a text and replace with another word in your CorelDraw. This time is not all about using only the “Find Text” command, but using the “Replace Text” command. By using this method, you’ll be able to find a text, at the same time replace the text immediately. E.g. type this “TECHPROF IS THE BEST TECH BLOG” and if you wish to replace the word “BLOG” to “WEBSITE“, follow the below steps:

1. On the Menu bar, click on EDIT Menu

2. Point direct to Find and Replace

3. Click on Replace Text (the replace text dialog box appears)

4. First, type and use the Find Next Button to highlight the word you want to replace, which is BLOG, then coreldraw will highlight the find text BLOG, after that, type in the word you want to use for the replacement of  the find text, e.g. WEBSITE, after that,

5. Click on Replace

6. Finally, click on Yes.

See diagram illustration below: 

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