How to Copy, Cut and Paste in Microsoft Word


How to copy, cut and paste in word, hey pal, are you a computer literate or a novice searching for how to perform these functions (Copy, Cut and Paste) in your computer program (e.g. Microsoft Word). I believe your answer is YES, sure you’re in the right place. Read on.

Copying, cutting and pasting is as simple as a A,B,C in computer programs. These three (3) Commands are adequate features and are basically necessary for every computer user to know while working with computer programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and CorelDraw etc.


We’re going to show you different illustration on how copying, cutting and pasting are being done on this program. But first, you need to know the meaning of these commands in computer language.





Copy or Copying simply means, using the original document to form or create a duplicate. The word “duplicate” also means COPY.



Cut or Cutting is the process of moving a text out from its original position to another position in your document.



Paste or Pasting plays a very perfect role in terms of copying or cutting. The reason why we say paste plays a very important role is that, before you’ll be able to see a copied or a cut text, pasting have to be done.

After you’ve understood these commands, then copying, cutting or pasting will be easier for you to learn in your different computer programs.

Now, let’s jump into the main reason why you’re here.


How To Copy and Paste In Microsoft Word

Copying in MICROSOFT WORD, it’s a must that before a copy can be done in Microsoft Word, the text which you want to make a copy of, needs to be selected or highlighted.

1. Type and Select or highlight the text “TechProf (Below is how the selection will look like)

2. Click on Copy from the formatting bar.

3. Click on copy (the copied text will be saved in the clipboard area), to view the copied text in your               document

4. Position your cursor in the direction where you want the copied text to appear e.g. under the selected         or highligted text, after that

5. On the formatting bar click on paste, and then the copied text will appear right in that exact direction          where your cursor is positioned.


Other Alternative on How to Copy and Paste in Word

1. Point and double click on a text with your mouse pointer to highlight it

2. Point and right click on the highlighted text

3. Click on Copy

4. Right click on the direction where you want the copied text to appear, and then,

5. Click on paste

Note: You can also highlight or select a text by drag across with your mouse pointer from the starting alphabet of that exact text you want to select or highlight, then press and hold down the left button of your mouse and drag across).


Using Shortcuts Keys in Microsoft Word While Doing Copy and Paste

1. Select the text

2. Press CONTROL + C (Control button must be holding down first before pressing the C button). After        this function has been made.

3. Position your cursor or insertion point where you want the copied text to appear and then press                 CONTROL + V

Having gone through this above tutorial about copy and paste in Microsoft Word, I believe you’ve learnt how to Copy and Paste in your Microsoft Word Package.

Now let’s also talk about how Cut and Paste can also be done in Microsoft Word Package.


How To Cut and Paste In Microsoft Word

Cutting in MICROSOFT WORD, like I said earlier about copying a text in Microsoft Word that the text must be selected or highlighted first before you can perform the copy command on it. Its same thing on CUT, it must be selected or highlighted before the cut command can be done.

1. The text which you want to cut must be selected (you can point and double-click on the text to select          or  highlight it) after that

2. Locate the cut command on the standard and formatting bar area

3. Click on CUT (the selected text disappears immediately after you clicked on cut)

4. Now your cursor or insert point must appear in the direction you want to paste the CUT text.

5. After which you’ve position your cursor, on the formatting bar click on Paste


See diagram illustrating the steps above 


Other means of performing the cut and paste in word

1. Highlight the text, and right click on it

2. Click on cut

3. Right click on the area where you want to paste the cut text

4. Click on paste


For Shortcuts While Doing Cut and Paste

1. Highlight the text

2. Press CONTROL + X (Press control button down first, then press X button from your keyboard)

3. Drop your cursor in the area where you want to show the CUT text and then press CONTROL + V.



Let’s introduce you to some lesson how word or paragraph can be selected.


See Steps on How to Select a Particular Word from a Sentence

1. Move your mouse pointer direct to the particular word you wish to select or highlight from a sentence

2. Double click on it (by pressing the left button of your mouse twice)


See Steps on How to Select a Whole Paragraph or Sentence

1. Point to any word on the paragraph or sentence.

2. Triple click on it (by pressing the left button on the mouse trice)



A clipboard is a store area for every copied and cut text in your document. So whenever a text is copy or cut, is been send directly to the clipboard in your document. This clipboard also applies in other Microsoft Office Packages like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Access etc.




Paste: CONTROL + V


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