How to Connect a Whatsapp from Smartphone to PC (Personal Computer)

How to connect phone whatsapp with laptop, you can connect your phone whatsapp to your computer (PC), by scanning the whatsapp Bar Code with your android phone through accessing the web.whatsapp.com on your computer browser.

This can only be done with a strong internet access, that is, you must have a strong data access in your Smartphone network, and also your computer must have an internet connection to make this work well.

It doesn’t seem compulsory that, the whatsapp app must be downloaded into your computer before you can be able to use whatsapp on your computer. But it compulsory that before such task can be achieved, your Smartphone must have the Whatsapp App in it.

I’m sure that you’ve been hoping to learn this one day, and that time is now. Let’s show you how to easily connect your phone whatsapp without downloading any Whatapps App in your PC (personal computer), through the use of web.whatsapp.com.

How to Connect Phone Whatsapp with Laptop

1. Load your computer browser e.g. chrome

2. On the browser tab, type, web.whatsapp.com, then wait for it to load.

3. After it has finish loading, it displays like the below diagram:

4. Now, you can open your Whatsapp on your Smartphone, from your Smartphone menu.

5. Tap on the whatsapp logo / icon in your Smartphone (the whatsapp will open).

6. Tap on settings, the “3 dotted sign” located at the top right corner on your whatsapp.

7. Tap on Whatsapp Web (note, whatsapp might display a notice to you about Logged In Devices in your android Smartphone on the specific browser name you’re using on your android phone and also ask you to Log Out From All Devices. If you experience such, tap on the “Log Out from all Devices” to log out all the logged in devices or better still you may tap the plus (+) sign above to continue your scanning process, after you’ve choosing the plus (+).

8. Then, whatsapp displays with SCAN QR Code camera

9. With your phone, point direct to the Bar QR Code found on your browser to capture it.

10. After a successful scanning, all your whatsapp friends will display on your computer browser.

NOTE: If the scanning process refuses to connect, it simply means that your internet connections (data) are not well strong enough to complete such task.


To Logout Your Whatsapp from Your Computer

  1. Click on the “3 dotted sign” on the whatsapp display on your computer
  2. Click on logout

I hope this tutorial on how to connect your phone whatsapp to your computer pc really helped you alot.


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