How to Add Borders and Shading In Microsoft Word 2007


Borders and shading in Microsoft Word is a form of stylish design used for beautifying a document pages and text. The border and shading are mostly used sometimes on official documents. Border and shading are used for different purposes in official documents, and as well for different effect.

We’ll show you how borders and shading in Microsoft word can be apply on a document page or pages and a diagram representing how border and shading looks like. But before we’ll proceed into showing you how to apply borders and shading in Microsoft Word, we’ve to talk more about border. Read on carefully as we’ll tutor you into understanding the hidden trick behind border.


Talking about the border part, we also have “Page Border”. The word “Page Border” is different from the word “border” but look alike in terms of effect. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ll teach you everything about the border, page border and shading in Microsoft word.


We’re going to take you on this topic starting from how to apply Border, Page Border and finally shading with a screenshot diagram to make you understand the full difference about them.



1. Border

2. Page Border

3. Shading


How to Apply Border in Microsoft Word

In border, we’ve Paragraph and Text Border design, which we apply on text in a document. We’re going to learn how to apply the paragraph border and text border.


How to Apply “Paragraph Border” on Text in Microsoft Word

1. Type this in Microsoft word page “TechProf is a Tech Blog”

2. Highlight the sentence you just type. See below how the highlight looks like

3. Click on Page Layout Menu

4. Click on Page Border (The border and shading dialog box appears, with three (3) menu found on the top which are Border, Page Border and Shading).

5. Click on Border (there you’ll be able to apply a shadow, thick line and other effect on your text). But we shall apply only three (3) additional effects to our text.

6. Click on Box, Shadow, then, click on the “width” and increase your line weight. After apply all this effects, on the “Apply To” you’ll see the paragraph is already chosen. See diagram illustration below:

7. Finally click on OK. Below is how the paragraph and text border looks like when applied on a text


Note: If you’re to do the Text Border, you’ll have to deactivate the Paragraph Border format first. Follow same step, under the “Apply To” you will choose the “Text Border” and then click on OK button.


How to Remove the Paragraph and Text Border on a Text

1. Highlight back the text (to perform the remove function, the text must be selected again)

2. Go back to Page Layout Menu

3. Click on Page Borders

4. Click on Border

5. Click on NONE (if your text format is on paragraph border, you’ll make sure that while removing the function, you must choose back the style you applied on the text. Assuming we’re to remove a “Paragraph Border”, and you went and select “Text Border”, in the process or removing this function, it won’t work out. So you must select the “Paragraph Border” after clicking on NONE, then you’ll click on OK.


How to Apply Page Border in Microsoft Word

Page Border creates effect on your Microsoft Word page, just as the border creates effect on a text. So, this time, there is no need highlighting or select a text. All you’ve to do is to choose which page you want to apply the page border to assuming we’re having more than ten (10) pages.

1. Click on Page Layout Menu Bar

2. Click on Page Borders, under the default display menu on the displayed dialog box which is Page Border

3. Click on Box, Shadow, under “Width” choose you line weight.

4. Go to “Apply To” and click on it (if you want to apply the page border on your whole page, exact section page, first page only or all other pages except first page).

5. Choose the format you want from the drop-down list.

6. After you’ve choosing the format you want, then Click on OK

NOTE: You can also use the “Art Style” on your page if you want. Under the Page Border, click on Art, then choose the type of style you want.

How to Remove Page Border on Microsoft Word Page

1. Go to Page Layout Menu

2. Click on the Page Borders

3. Under the Page Border, click on NONE

4. Click on OK


How to Apply Shading on Text in Microsoft Word

Shading of a text also base on Paragraph Shading and Text Shading, just like the Paragraph and Text Border. Shading of text simply means creating a color shading background to your text in word. See below how to apply shading to text in Microsoft Word.

1. Type “TechProf My Favorite Tech Blog

2. Select or highlight the words you type

3. Click on Page Layout

4. Click on Page Border

5. Click on Shading tab

6. Under the Fill area, click and choose the colour of your choice.

7. Under the Patterns Area, click on style and choose the point size you want e.g. 12.5

8. Click on colour area and select the colour you want

9. Select either paragraph shading style or text shading style. Below is a diagram showing paragraph shading and text shading style.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial.


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