How Do I Add Watermark or Transparency in Microsoft Word


Watermark in Microsoft Word is like a lighter or an opaque design, found at the body of a printed document if applied in Microsoft Word page. This watermark design brings beauty to your document pages.

Watermark in MS Word package can be done either by applying a picture or text at the center area of a printed document. If rely you’ve seen a watermark or transparency design before, you can testify that it lovely and nice on a printed document.


Are you here to learn how to apply a watermark in MS Word, if yes, then you’re in the right place to learn everything on watermark or transparency in Microsoft Word.


The way Microsoft Word Watermark or Transparency appears that’s how the CorelDraw Watermark or Transparency do appears as well, whether lighter or opaque.


I’m going to show you everything about how a transparency or watermark design can be applied in Microsoft Word page using picture or text.

Meanwhile, you can apply a watermark after finish typing or preparing your document or you can apply the watermark before preparing your document. The below steps will guide you through.


How to Apply a Watermark in Microsoft Word Using a Picture from Your Computer File

1. Load your Microsoft Word Package

2. Go to Page Layout and click on it

3. Click on Watermark, then a Confidential Watermark samples will display to you, which are already made Watermark design to use.

4. Click on Custom Watermark (a dialog box displays, at the top of it written printed watermark)

5. On the displayed box, you’ll see Picture Watermark, click on it to activate.

6. Click on Select Picture, then you’ll be taking into your computer file to choose a picture

7. Search for the picture you want and click on INSERT

8. Click on Ok, then Click Apply

Note that, you can set up your scale to either auto or any percentage size if you want, by using the scale area box.


How to Apply Watermark in Microsoft Word Using Your Own Desired Text

Like I’ve said before that watermark in Ms Word has an already made watermark design. Now, let me show you how to use your own text. e.g. TechProf

1. Click on Page Layout Menu

2. Click on Watermark

3. Click on Custom Watermark

4. Click on Text Watermark (here you’ll be able to choose the language type you want, insert the type of written word you want to use, font style, size, colour and layout format you want.

5. Click on the Text Area, delete the word ASAP and type in your own word (you can still setup other things if you wish, after you’re done, then you can click on Apply.

6. Click on Apply

7. Click on Close


How to Remove a Watermark in Microsoft Word 

1. Click on Page Layout

2. Click on Watermark

3. Click on Remove Watermark



Applying watermark in Microsoft word page is optional, some may love using it and some may not. But as for me, I think it’s really good because it gives beauty to a printed document.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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