Everything You Should Know About Desktop Icon

Desktop Icons are tiny images normally found on every Computer Desktop Window. Icons do act as a button because when double-click on them, they opens.

Icons are one of the components of a desktop window which make the Desktop Window. In this article I’ll teach you lots of things about the Icons, so read on carefully.

Icons comes in two (2) types, which are folder and program (application icon). These icons dominate the whole desktop window. The folder icon is a container which gives access for computer users to save in plenty of documents in it.

While program icons are the computer programs application that was installed into a computer system such as: Chrome symbol icon, Microsoft Word symbol icon, CorelDraw symbol icon etc.

Below are topics we shall be talking about in this article on everything you will know about Icons.


How to Arrange Desktop Icon

Icons can only be arranged if the icons on the desktop window are not properly arranged in order. See below images of Icons that are well arranged on desktop window and icons that are not properly arranged on a desktop window.

Also note that while arranging icons, it can be arrange either in Name, Type, Size or Date Modify way.

Now, let me show you the step to arrange icons in a proper way.

1. Right Click on empty space on the Desktop Window

2. Point to Sort by or Arrange Icons by (then, you’ll be able to choose the sorting style you want). E.g.             Name.

3. Click on Name

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How to Apply Auto Arrange to Icons on Desktop Window

The Auto Arranging of icons on a desktop window seems to be the key overall on how your icons can be arranged. The Auto Arrange stands as a padlock to your icons on the desktop window.

Just like the way we padlock our house door with a padlocking key, that’s how the auto arrange is to icons on the computer desktop window.

If an auto arrange is set active to icons on the desktop window, which means that the icons cannot be scattered on the whole desktop window screen. But if an auto arrange in set inactive, icons can be easily move out from their original place of location to another location on the desktop window.

See how to setup Auto Arrange to icons below:

1. On the Desktop Window, right-click on an empty space

2. Point to View, then some list of drop-down commands will appear

3. Click on Auto Arrange

If you also wish to deactivate the active Auto Arrange, follow the same step to click on the word Auto Arrange again in order to hide the “Good Marked Sign” already set on it.


How to Hide Icons on a Desktop Window

Normally, whenever the booting process is done, the first window that display to us is the Computer Desktop Window. So, on this computer desktop window icons are found on it.

It’s still possible for a computer user to hide these icons in order to make the computer desktop window looks blank.

To hide this icons found on a computer desktop window, follow the steps below.

1. Go to an empty space on your computer desktop window and right click

2. There you’ll see View, point to it

3. Click on Show Desktop Icon

To show these icons back, use the same procedure and click on the Show Icon again.


How to make Icon Appear Small, Medium and Large on Desktop Window

Icons on the desktop window can be resized into a large form. Resizing your icons into a larger way will make some icons hidden and the icons will occupy the whole of your computer desktop window.

If you wish to set up icons into large view, below is a step to guide you through.

1. You’ll right-click on empty space on the Desktop Window

2. Point direct to View Command (there you’ll see small, medium and large)

3. Click either on medium or large to see how your icons will look like.



In computer, it certain that every computer user must work with icons on the computer. I will be glad if you share with me, any contribution you may want to add to this article by contacting me through my contact page.

I’m sure you enjoyed this tutorials about icons.



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